Dance of the sky by Katerina Pyatakova

Dance of the sky

pastel/paper, 65*50 cm, 2011
So beautiful! Love it.
over 5 years ago
Oh yes. Stunning! It is alive.
over 5 years
A beautiful painting, Katerina. Most impressive.
Best wishes, Peter
over 5 years
Kathy,my dear artfriend______this is realy beautiful
scene here______congratulations,love it so much!!!5******5!!!Best regards!
over 5 years
Simply beautiful, Katerina!
over 5 years
So magical and mystical..fabulous!
over 5 years
MAGNIFICENT!!!! I am swept away by the beauty, the georgeous reflections in the water, and the sky is a whirlwind of activity...i feel such freedom in my soul as i gaze at this delightful, beautiful, magnificent picture...your pastel work is just fabulous...this is so the mountains as well...just fabulous. The shallow water witht he rocks, wowsers!!! This is just heavenly! A billion stars for you!
over 5 years
Wow hugely beautiful,excellent work:))
over 5 years
This is gorgeous.. I first saw it on face book and was amazed by the work then.. Wow.. Love those blues too. the movement in the sky and the reflection on the water is superb.
over 5 years
Hello Katerina, It's amazing this mixture of sky and water. It's really a cosmic dance. Wish everything is OK with you. A wonderful Xmas and all the best things in the world, Isaura
over 5 years
Beautiful pastel, Katerina, love the sky and reflections, perfect title!
over 5 years
Beautiful pastel work Katerina. Great colour, veyy evocative! :))
over 5 years
Amazing composition.
over 5 years
Wow!How beautiful contrst of the fall and icy-winter!
And...the crossing is maded from the water...
Great idea and wonderfully done,as always!!!
Is sooo inspiring!
Love it very-very much!
How are You,my dear?
over 5 years
Beautiful Katerina! Love the perspective. The sky and it's reflection are gorgeous - so full of movement and energy. Beautiful!
over 5 years
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I didn't find this one easy to paint but feel my reference material let me down as I didn't have enough detail to understand full and it was probably a mistake...
Animals are difficult and i is important to have sufficient reference shots to give the correct physical characteristics. I think you did a great job on them... view answer
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