A mother's love is forever. by Rick Martin Sr.

A mother's love is forever.

HOW sweet and life like WONDERFUL capture of Like
over 2 years ago
Thank you Barbara. Best Regards, Rick.
over 1 year
This is really good, and with pastel, wow. It has just inspired me to try a black and white, thank you!
over 1 year
Thank you Ainsley. I know your work and have commented on some of you paintings. You a great eye for detail and also the use of color is brilliant. Best to you, Rick.
over 1 year
These two ladies are just incredible! But - I would have given the eyes a bit of highlights, and for some reason the younger woman has different sized pupils...
over 1 year
Interesting observation. The direction of lighting in the photograph was somewhat of a challenge, but I actually added more detail to the eyes. Portraits can be hard to handle for exactness. You might consider trying it sometime. Best Regards, Rick
over 1 year
Fantastic portrait of these two ladies, Rick. You've really captured their inner beauty and the affection between them brilliantly. Cheers GLenys.
over 1 year
Beautiful and masterfully composed.
over 1 year
Rick, this just takes my breath away. Your pastel work is superb. I'm just beginning to use pastels and find this just amazing! Breathtakingly beautiful.
over 1 year
Amazing work!!!!
over 1 year
A beautiful work Rick - from many perspectives - the capture of love, the treatment of light and the control of the medium. Fantastic - warm regards Peter
11 months
Beautifully done work with such a lot of feeling!! My compliments and very best wishes, David.
11 months
this is a beautiful drawing
9 months
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Rick Martin Sr.Love to draw and engage with other artist of similar interest and styles. Mostly self taught and still learning. There are so many talented artist to converse with, learn from and emulate on this great website of "Paintings I Love".
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Thanks to all for your many compliments and inspiration.
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