"I'm Only Sleeping" - John Lennon by Sandra Keeley

"I'm Only Sleeping" - John Lennon

Graphic Pencil Sketch.
Nice one Sandra a lovely sketch
over 2 years ago
Thanks so much, Barry!
over 2 years
A brilliant piece,Sandra,and a Wonderful Title too. A Merry Christmas to You,Barry.
over 2 years
Cheers, Barry! Your words are always encouraging. I think this picture sums John up! A very happy Christmas to you too. All the best, Sandra.
over 2 years
always look forwar to seeing your work my friend,, i think its a great piece,, merry christmas,, and hope all is well with you,,hugs debbie
over 2 years
Thanks very much, Debbie. I hope all is well with you and I wish you a very happy Christmas, Love, Sandra.
over 2 years
Wonderful sketch,,, Sandra,, All the best,, and Merry Christmas,, dear,,, I tried to send a msg. to you on FB,, with no success.,, Hope that you are keeping well,,, !!! Sincerely, Doris
over 2 years
Thank you, Doris. It seems difficult to find people on FB now. I know I tried looking you up a while ago but they've changed things. I'll have another go soon. In the meantime, have a lovely Christmas. All the best, Sandra.
over 2 years
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Artist Statement
for Sandra Keeley
Sandra KeeleyI have been sketching and painting since I was a child. I was born in 1963, year of The Beatles! And the passion for art is still as strong. I live to create. It's my driving force in life. I work mainly in pastel and pencil, and love to paint animals and real-life.
Fantasy. Some portraits. But, I will have a shot at any subject that pops
into my mind or catches my eye.
My favourite artists are Van Gogh, Edward Hopper and Monet, as well as the art and poetry of William Blake. But, Nature, in general, is my biggest inspiration to create.
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old time paintings
I think the water is too blue and don't want to repaint it as I'm already wanting to move on. What can I glaze over it to knock back the color a bit?
Beautiful so far, I love your painting, the colors are gorgeous, the sky, the trees, the purple bridge, the house, the river...so beautiful! I am sorry I cant... view answer
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