Yellow Roses still alive January... by Aase Birkhaug

Yellow Roses still alive January 2012 - Happy New Year

"Yellow Roses still alive January 2012 - Happy New Year"
Original Tempera Painting on Canvas painted 2011 december last days - Yellow Roses still alive in The Garden of Eden - size 30cmx23,5cm
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Aase BirkhaugAase Birkhaug-Art / tel +4790697379 / fax +4785022317

Artist & Painter - Aase Birkhaug
Believing that surroundings can influence one` s health and mind, Painter and Physiotherapist Aase Birkhaug has combined her two passions by painting roses for a soothing effect.
Having fallen in love with flowers, nature and painting from early age, it was only natural to merge these factors together at some point, and by combining the aesthetic beauty of botany with her skills as a painter.
It is documented that colors have an effect on the sensory system, and some years ago I made the waiting room in my physiotherapy office into an exhibition for my paintings, so I discovered...
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I have always admired artists ability in depicting reflections within their work. Any suggestions on mediums to use and techniques in painting reflections on...
Lovely painting. Like the writing as well. Emotional work. I like to use Acrylic paint for my reflections but thats just my preference. Im sure any medium can... view answer
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