South Fork Dunes by Marcia Albrecht

South Fork Dunes

A favorite of mine (Marcia's daughter)done from her impressions of Long Island's south fork, near of in the Hamptons.
I can see why, Jeanne, this is so beautiful.
over 3 years ago
so beautiful!! feels like freedom!
over 3 years
Beautiful soft colours. lovely.
over 3 years
Beautiful landscape. It has such a calm whimsical feel about it.
over 3 years
Definitely nice! ty
over 3 years
Love the dreamy atmosphere and colors, great movement. Beautiful!
over 3 years
I love the colours in this painting and the feeling of isolation, gorgeous!
over 3 years
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Artist Statement
for Marcia Albrecht
Marcia AlbrechtATTN:This site represents the work of my mother, Marcia Albrecht, a renowned watercolor artist (and technophobe). I'm her daughter, Jeanne, and I administer the site for her - at least until I force her to get a Netbook! As such, many of the comments are mine. I read her the comments you make regularly, and she has seen many of the works. Occasionally, she says, TAKE THAT OFF!" if I make a silly comment. Please read her full bio if you like (below)! All of her works are for sale...Please contact me at with inquiries.

Marcia has been painting for more than 50 years, and was awarded a scholarship to The Academy of Allied Arts in NY City at age 12. However, her mother insisted she stay a more "practical" course, so...
Have you ever been threatened as an adult? Did you get out of the situation and how difficult was it? What newborn freedom are you discovering?
Hi Laurel. A beautiful picture and title. Glad you are ok now. It is a difficult situation to be in, your painting shows you have left that behind. Good... view answer
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