Mystical by Juan jose hernandez
Juan, Mysterious, and a little scarey Looking to me like a some type of scope on a gun targeting someone in the night. I see to people running and an airplane. Excellent work and very fascinating, Nancy
over 3 years ago
Beautiful colors, superb abstract.
over 3 years
beautiful blue,good composition...!
over 3 years
love the blue...nice work of art
over 3 years
the eye can find so much inside this "mystical" painting. I applaud your work Jose
over 3 years
i love what you have done with the colors of blue and black in this painting wonderful work
over 3 years
This is truely mystical!! To me this feels mysterious, dangerous...may be an underground passage...spooky!!:)
over 3 years
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Artist Statement
for Juan jose hernandez
Juan jose hernandezI am a self-thaught artist. I thank god for my artististic abitlity which is a great gift. As a kid I was ifluenced by my father who is a self-thaught artist as well. Art has been in the family for years. It has been an interest for me my whole life. I enjoy creating art. It is a very powerful feeling to know that you create something that is truely unique and your own creation. I work with all medias. Painting is an absolute passion for me . I start to paint without thinking about what I will paint. the more I paint and draw, I tend to look at things and people differently than before,noticing the shades, and the way light falls. I have realize overtime that it's not about the destinatioin, but more about enjoying the journey.Step into my...
When you do your abstract, do you think you are not finished sometimes? Do you sometimes add colours and change the title? I did.
I think I do ...lots of my art work I changed ( colours and structure) never happy for the ends. But this technic expres myselve and bring for me exaiting... view answer
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