Early picture of Whitney by john pawson

Early picture of Whitney

Painted on 14x16 watercolour paper in watercolour. This is my painting of a fantastic icon of a woman singer. may have tried but no-one has matched her individual style. And where was her true life bodyguard? when she clearly needed help and I don't just mean in the passed couple of years. A beautiful talent lost.
sensational portraiture John you can almost feel her warmth cheers Cazz
over 5 years ago
Great power in your brush strokes which gives the essence of this Diva's strenght in character and of her voice. Excellent job!
over 5 years
Beautiful and sincere regards Jane
over 5 years
Beautiful tribute John, love your style and the skin tones
over 5 years
Very lovely portrait of Whitney beautiful tribute John
over 4 years
Beautiful eyes
over 4 years
Wonderful work on this true Icon John.
over 3 years
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Artist Statement
for john pawson
john pawsonI'm now knocking on the door! I have always had an interest in art. I'm fascinated by all forms of art. Especially some of the old masters and English country scenes in particular. I have no formal qualifications and managed to resume my interest after we went to live in France. I would have liked to have pursued it earlier in life but my parents told me Ihad to get a proper job. I continue to study books and websites to learn new techniques.
I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and was worried that my painting would be affected but apart from some stiffness I manage.
I really like this website.
I would be interested to have feedback on this as, despite having it in the pool twice, it is failing dismally. Would anyone care to give me a critique on what...
The colour combination is great. For me, it looks a little bit out of balance and the image is blurry. Suggestion: You can maybe add more flowers to help... view answer
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