Ellen The Fairy by Freda Hatch

Ellen The Fairy

This is my first painting in nearly a year due to illness and two operations. I painted this for my friend's daughter, Ellen for her 21st birthday. She likes butterflies and fairies etc so I painted her as one and she loves it. Oil on 18x24 inch stretched canvas.
Beautiful she looks a bit cheeky but very happy, wonderful job
over 2 years ago
Oh! this fairy is delightful, Freda, really eye-catching and magical!

I wish you alot better health, and much happiness in painting, its obvious that you are talented, so nice to view your paintings!

Regards Angela Susan
over 2 years
Such a pretty, painting. Love the detail and the composition. I like the way you have achieved the glow in the background. How wonderful that you are back to painting Freda. Painting faeries is very healing.
over 2 years
WOW what beauty.
over 2 years
the mood, the viewer can connects with her expression, nicely done.
over 2 years
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Artist Statement
for Freda Hatch
I never did art in school after the age of 10. I took up painting 2 years ago just to see if I could do anything worth making it into a hobby. I have never been to any art class so I am still really just learning things as I go along through trial and error.
This painting was a challenge. Do you ever feel that the painting has not gone right from the start so have not been pleased with the outcome?
Oh Denise, just found this wonderful double portrait, I saw the thumbnail and just had to take a look as the Kiwi feather cloak caught my eye as well. I think... view answer
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