Toshiro Mifune by peter richards

Toshiro Mifune

The finished sketch for Col Griffins son. Did'nt take that long, about 18 hours in all. It was quite a challenge.
hi peter wow this is brillant its great when you can over come a challenging drawing and get the result you want , I can see you have in this one for sure .. love your drawings michelle
over 6 years ago
Thanks Michelle, i had a few teething problems with this one. I find my sketches either go well without a hitch or give a few problems from the outset. I managed to pull this one round with a little cursing and a lot of patience lol.
over 6 years
lovely finish on this the detail is stunning peter as always excellent
over 6 years
Thanks Cathal, i tend to get carried away with detail lol.
over 6 years
Great job of a great actor!
over 6 years
Thankyou so much Gaetano.
over 6 years
over 6 years
Thanks Gary.
over 6 years
Peter my friend, your talent is stunning!!! The detail you show leaves me in awe. This looks EXACTLY like the pic of him I seen. Please add this to my group 'Art Standing the Test of Time'
Too many *'s to count!!!!!
over 6 years
Thanks so much Annie, so glad you like it. I'm working on another now with more detail. Thanks for the invite to your group.
over 6 years
One of my favourite actors from watching Samurai films in my youth! Instantly recognisable
over 6 years
Thanks so much Jane, i'm happy you recognised him.
over 6 years
Love your drawing of Japanese hero peter.I seen him in the movies love his acting as samuri.Well done.
over 5 years
Thanks Raymond, i enjoyed sketching this one.
over 5 years
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for peter richards
peter richardsI'm an amateur artist that just loves to sketch and paint.Apart from art lessons at school i've never had any formal training but have been drawing since childhood. I'm so glad that i found this site as the amazing artwork displayed never fails to inspire me. Thanks to everyone on the site for their wonderful comments and encouragement and help along the way on arts amazing journey.My favourite medium is pencil and please feel free to contact me if you'd like a portrait sketched, i'm always up for a challenge.
Do you feel a lesser artist because you need the crutches of images to be inspired? because thats how I feel...I have used often photos, though I always...
Hello Marie. You just made the sixties come pinging back to me. I still remember so well reading JLS in the sixties and the impact it had on me. Your painting... view answer
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