Marlin and Nemo by Reyhana Farooqi (Sister of...

Marlin and Nemo

24X24 inches. Oil on Black Canvas

This is the first painting I did on a black gessoed canvas, and also believe it or not, the first painting I did from a photo! Yes, it is true. All my other paintings were done completely by imagination. The photo was from a few stationary items I have by National Geographic (Pen, sticky-notes, mousepad). I loved the photo because of the colors and because I love clownfish. I love how it turned out. My colors are pretty close to the photo...only my colors are more vibrant and sharper, whereas the photo is more dull. I didn't like black canvas because I noticed that I had to paint on my colors 2 or 3 layers to make them bright enough to show up on the black background. I wonder why this is and if anyone can let me know if this happens to them or how to solve this problem I appreciate the help. I did like how you can use the black to create the depth and shadows. Anyway, this reminded me of the Disney film, "Finding Nemo" so that's why I named it "Marlin and Nemo." Hope you all like it. Thanks for looking.
Beautiful! They just glow!
over 3 years ago
Thank you very much Angela!
over 3 years
absolutely beautiful the movement is incredible
over 3 years
Thank you Dean :)
over 3 years
Absolutely gorgeous! Your work is lovely indeed! So vibrant and alive. Thank you for sharing it for all on PIL to enjoy!
over 3 years
Thank you Karina! Glad to share :)
over 3 years
wonderful work Reyhana I love this cheers Carol
over 2 years
Thank you Carol :)
over 2 years
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Reyhana Farooqi (Sister of the Sea)Hello all!

Member of the Ocean Artists Society

I'm born in Chicago but belong near the sea, or in it. I'm a mermaid that can't swim. A very close friend of mine came up with the name for me, "Sister of the Sea." But you can call me whatever you like, alright? I'm mostly self taught, born with a natural talent. When I was little my Uncle inspired me with the sea and marine life. For many years, he's lived close to the ocean. Since then I've been attracted to, or "in love" with the sea. I feel somewhat connected to it. Like I'm a part of it. Our blue planet is badly damaged by human hands. I paint the ocean world to promote awareness of the need to protect and preserve it so it remains a beautiful,...
I'm self-taught and don't know a lot about painting. Can you give me advice about shadowing? I know you don't just use black. I heard somewhere that you use...
If you remove black from your pallet, what are you left with? Ah yes, sneaky. Answer a question with a question. Use the complimentary color/match to each of... view answer
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