Melons by Fran McGarry
Great work on the watermelons Fran, they look so realistic.
over 6 years ago
thank you, this ws just a quick painting for fun :)
over 6 years
So realistic and beautifully done, Fran, looks good enough to eat. Reminds me of summer.
over 6 years
Thank you
over 6 years
Oh wow love it, can I have 1 piece...? So, so realistic! Excellent work Fran!!! Take care Angela
over 6 years
Thank you
over 6 years
Beautiful and mouth watering. Excellent work. Wonderdful colors used and details on the melons. Take care-Sharon
over 6 years
brilliant watercolor work
over 6 years
Stunning!!, Love the colors.
over 6 years
Green and red and slurpie wet. You have me craving watermelon Fran. Sensational!
over 6 years
Luscious vibrant cololurs - I love it
over 6 years
amazing patterns on the skins
over 6 years
as always, a beautiful work Fran!
over 6 years
Fran, you did a wonderful job, they look so real. When my sister was pregnant of my godchild, I painted a melon on her look so real! It was non toxic paint that can expand when dry. Cheers! Line :)
over 6 years
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Artist Statement
for Fran McGarry
Fran McGarryHi my name is Fran Mcgarry. I live in UK and I am a self taught watercolour artist. I first started painting in 2004 and now run watercolour painting classes in Bristol. I love to paint portraits in particular oriental ladies, with sometimes the use of Gold Leaf. I also have a passion for painting flowers and still life.
2005 SAA finalist Artist of the Year.
2007 Bath Society of Artists Exhibition.
2008 Bath Society of Artists Exhibition.
2009 Bath Society of Artists Exhibition.
2009 SAA Amateur Artist of The Year Award.
2009 SAA Artist of The Year Best Still Life Award.
2009 RWA Encore Exhibition.
2011 Ian Black Small Painting Prize Bath Society of Artists Exhibition.
2012 Bath Society of artist Exhibition.
2012 SAA Artist of...
Gold Member
HELP! I finally got the proper foil varnish, just to find out that the silver has already tarnished.... now what do I do? Is there a way to "polish" it?
This is superb dear Sonja. I have seen many of your other paintings now and came to the conclusion that I have got to spend more time to study all of them.... view answer
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