Beautiful roses in a common jam... by Netta Pickering

Beautiful roses in a common jam jar!

Roses from my yard in N. Georgia. Mixed Media. Soluble oils and watercolor pencil, on Canson Watercolor paper, 140lb.
This is lovely, Netta! Beautiful roses and love the jar too! Excellent!
over 5 years ago
Thank you so much, Mary, for that lovely comment. Warm regards, Netta
over 5 years
wonderful Hi, I'm the administrator for the group (deleted), and I'd love you to add this picture to the group.
[accept 4004] beautiful art work
over 4 years
Gary, I'm not sure I ever saw your invitation, thank you so much ofr the inclusion in your group. Netta
over 4 years
Lovely work, Netta! I do like the two contrasting colours of the roses, and the grill really sets it all off
over 4 years
Thank you Sue for such a lovely ocmment. I picked these roses from my yard and this is one of my favorite paintings, it always makes me smile :) Netta
over 4 years
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Artist Statement
for Netta Pickering
Netta PickeringOriginally from Northern Ireland, I came to America in 1956.
I have been drawing since I was a child, maybe eight or nine years old.
I have had no formal training of any kind other than in high school. I have painted in oils, acrylics, watercolors and pastels,
I appreciate all the kind comments from so many wonderful artists on PIL.
What makes you want to give up? Horrible criticism? Not being appreciated? Being ignored? Or do you find your own strength in your work, and completing things...
Paint to the rhythm of your own drummer! Paint from your heart, feeling the inspiration of creating what is in your mind, heart, head...from a photo...just... view answer
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