Look into my Eyes by Diane
That expression is deliciously grave and serious. Stunning!
over 3 years ago
What a cute expression. Lovely drawing.
Regards Sue
over 3 years
What a character, just love the render.
over 3 years
just love it I had one he was wonderful and looked at me just the same and dribbled . great work . Jeanette
over 3 years
What a lovely drawing of this hound, and the expression in his eyes is so hound-like!

Well done,Diane!

Regards Angela Susan
over 3 years
This is such an amazing portrait Diane ! I just love basset hounds and you just got it exactly right... this innoncent look, those looong ears and long nose... Beautiful work.
over 3 years
The eyes have it, so beautiful. Bev.
over 3 years
over 3 years
Great portrait and expression!
over 3 years
I have a Basset Hound & he is the love of my life! He's been with me for 11 years. This is a great drawing of a hound! Louis, my dog, has eyes that are even more droopy but very similar to your picture. I think that LauraMC was talking about the line from where his ear flaps back (something anyone who hasn't seen a Basset up close might not recognize) that almost connects to the line of his mouth. Beautiful job!!
over 3 years
He reminds me of my Nan's dog Fred. I used to love playing with him as a child. Beautifully drawn, and I love his eyes.
over 3 years
What a beautiful portrait! I love it so much!
Best regards, Silvia
over 3 years
woof woof great image.
over 3 years
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DianeI have always had an interest in drawing and art. I find it very therapeutic and a good way of coping with stress! I love animals and drawing them is my favourite pass time although I also enjoy the challenge of drawing portraits. I work in graphite, pastels and charcoal. Prints of all my pictures can be bought on www.redbubble.com or www.fineartamerica.com. I would be grateful for any advice given as I want to get better and better. Thanks for taking the time to read this. There are some great artists on here and to be amongst you all is something else ;o)
This is a doodle to me as my paintings are very different , do other artist have different styles or separate paints from drawings like I do . Or is it just me...
I think we all doodle Maria, and we all like to try different styles and mediums etc, but we know in the end what style suits our creativity and our colour... view answer
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