Blue Rose by Riana van Staden
wonderful painting, the colours are great and so is the rich texture, I love it.
Tony Blacetti
over 2 years ago
Beautiful light and shadow, with great cohesive palette.
over 2 years
blue is my favorite color, so I love this!
over 2 years
Love the texture and colour .. Bev
over 2 years
Great art piece luvit congratz Riana
over 2 years
Violets and bluuuues!I agree .. beautifully done!
over 2 years
Lovely blue rose, love the light to darks, really an unusual painting and I just love the solitude of this, wonderful, wonderful !~!~!~
over 2 years
Excellent the shades of blue.
over 2 years
what a wonderful piece!!
over 2 years
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Artist Statement
for Riana van Staden
Riana van StadenI work mostly in oil and some paintings in acrylics. My trademark is variety. I paint subjects ranging from realistic landscapes, seascapes and portraits to anything else I see and inspire me. I need variation and cannot paint the same thing over and over.

I am a photographer, some paintings are done from reference material, others just happen.
How long do all of you keep your references...are you partial to particular ones which you may use, time and again ?
Graeme I love old run down shacks, this is great. I keep folios of ideas and pictures cut out of magazines or photos I`ve taken and always revert back to some... view answer
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