Dusk. by Tom


14x18 inch slimline box canvas, using acrylic medium.
Beautiful landscape. Love the strean and reflections and your sky. Very well done, Nancy
over 4 years ago
Thank you, Nancy - very much appreciated!
over 4 years
Love this serene and beautiful dusk - the sky tones and last of the light behind the mountain is perfect, the amount of detail in the distance, the trees and then the birds - just wonderful Tom , very well done, hugs x Leonora
over 4 years
I love the mood this creates, beautiful sky, reflections and your colours are soothing!
over 4 years
Lovely atmosphere with the winding stream and distant flying birds. Love your sky too.
over 4 years
Love it Tom. You get such interesting skies- I will have to come over for a lesson,and of course the light on the stream adds that certain something. Great! Cheers from your No 1 fan! Nyra
over 4 years
Me give lessons to you, Nyra? Well that's just made my day! I don't charge very much, just a nominal fee of £10,000 per hour - is that okay?

Thanks for your comment, appreciated.
over 4 years
Could I pay you in instalments on the Never- Never?
over 4 years
Oh, go on then, Nyra. I'm far too kind for my own good!
over 4 years
Do you take Visa?
over 4 years
Very viewable landscape with nice colours and depth, very relaxed style, Chris
over 4 years
You've captured the lazy dusk feel superbly Tom, shadowy without being overly dark. That mountain looks like Mt Erica, not that far from us.
over 4 years
Beautifully rendered, love the color palette and atmosphere.
over 4 years
Very serene, love the atmosphere you created Tom!!! Congratulations! Angela
over 4 years
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Artist Statement
for Tom
TomSelf-taught and still learning the art of painting. Impressionism has always been my favourite style, from Constable to Monet, I find it all so inspiring. I'm hoping, in time, to develop my own style of semi-impressionistic painting. Only time will tell!

The weather here in Blighty is, and has been, atrocious, with rain just about every single day in the Yorkshire area. Dark days make it impossible to enjoy painting mostly because you can't mix the colours properly, and often I've ended up with nothing short of mud! Anyhow, that said, I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that at some point during this so-called summer, we will see the sun. Hummm ...

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