Berthe Morisot - Le Cerisier (The... by Alan

Berthe Morisot - Le Cerisier (The Cherry Picker). - Finished

For the final stage I added highlights, shadows and overpainted the leaves with Alkyd based oil paints to speed up the drying time ready for handing over in a few days time. I hope she likes it and thanks for following.
Awesome work and It's as beautiful as I thought it would be finished. Excellent work. Take care-Sharon
over 5 years ago
it's magnificent just as expected my dear friend!
over 5 years
This is so pretty! Who ever receives it is lucky!
Annie xoxo
over 5 years
It's Beautiful, and full of genteel, soft colours, and classical in nature, lovely!
over 5 years
Wonderful Finish, Alan. Beautiful, Love her dress and colors. Excellent and Love it, Nancy
over 5 years
Brilliantly done Alan. Very beautiful painting.
over 5 years
She is going to love it!!! Just beautiful Alan
over 5 years
Lovely composition, Alan!!! I am sure she will!!! Absolutely gorgeous! Bravo! Warm regards Angela
over 5 years
A great job, the title reminded me of a "Cherry Picker Nose".

It is said that a very large nose can be used for cherry picking. The branches are held down with the nose so the picker can pick with both hands.

Excellent action in this one congratz.
over 5 years
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AlanBorn in London he began his career as a professional artist in 1976 and studied privately with various tutors in the UK. His love of fine art and in particular the Dutch Masters took him to Holland to study old master techniques and the interplay of light and shade with Dutch landscape painter Jan van Buren. The main body of his work consists of landscapes and wildlife subjects although recently he has included abstract paintings in his exhibitions. In 1977 he opened his own art gallery in Essex learning a great deal about the commercial aspect of the art world.
In 1990 he was awarded The Hillingdon Arts Trophy and in 1998 "Best Oil in Show" at the Wildlife Art Society Annual Exhibition in Central London. His work features in collections...
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was added to the group
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I've been working on using acrylics and I like the way the colors are more intense but I am having a little trouble blending. Can anyone help me or suggest a...
Nice work and style. All I can tell you is jeep water on hand and always keep what your working on as wet as possible. White helps to blend colors easier as... view answer
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