Ned Kelly drawing ...... design by John Harding

Ned Kelly drawing ...... design

I was asked to come up with a Ned Kelly design for use on t-shirts...... this is what I came up with :)
all graphite piece on A3 paper......
Fantastic graphite work! Love the composition of the piece!
over 5 years ago
hey thanks Shawn
over 5 years
Yes I can see this on a T shirt with the guns a blazing! Excellent work John. ****** Cheers, Nyra
over 5 years
lol thanks Nyra :)
over 5 years
amazing pose
great drawing
very well done
over 5 years
hey thanks Yeser :)
over 5 years
fantastic work, great depth :}
over 5 years
many thanks Loretta
over 5 years
fantastic work
over 5 years
thanks Lilly
over 5 years
This is incredible John, brilliant work:))
over 5 years
hey many thanks Lynnie "hugs"
over 5 years
John your work is outstanding and this will really look wonderful on a T-shirt. I am sure they are thrilled with this design.
over 5 years
hey thanks so much Cyril :)
over 5 years
Love it and it is magnificently done. I would'nt want to be at the other end of the barrel.LOL. Excellent. Take care-Sharon
over 5 years
lol awww thanks so much Sharon "hugs"
over 5 years
Brilliant drawing mate with great fore-shortening Congratz.

Some more on Ned's gun.
But the gun that Ned was famous for was a sawn off single shot big bore. I would have to check the details again but when he sawed it off (age 14 in the bush late 1800s - quite a feat) there was nothing left to hold the front of the butt (wood) onto the steel barrel so he tied it on with waxed string. The gun went into a museum and it disappeared and when questioned the curator said it was old and tied together with string so he threw it out. Mick Jagger had a replica for his movie on Ned but the barrel was wrong it was prob .22 bore whereas the other was about .4 something.

I researched it years ago when I made a 13 KG cast iron wall plaque of his gun and I weathered it for patina. I made the plaque using technology of Ned's time.

It is worth reading all you can on Ned, maybe if he was born in different times .......
over 5 years
hey thanks Col, say I didn't know about that gun...... interesting, the gun I used for a reference was the one he used at the final siege at glen rowan, sure I embellished a little by adding 2 guns lol...... here is the actual gun taken from him on that day
I've seen this gun in the old melbourne goal, it's all quite amazing...... cheers, John
over 5 years
You will not find this one the curator said he thew it out.
over 5 years
geez what a cock to throw it out lol
over 5 years
This is an awesome tshirt drawing...those guns a-blazin'...great foreshortening; makes it very effective;)
over 5 years
hey thanks very much Linda :)
over 5 years
AMAZING, John! Congratulations! Warm regards Angela
over 5 years
hey thanks so much Angela
over 5 years
look at those!! looking incredibly like in real life once again!
over 5 years
Pow!!! Fantastic graphite art! Love the smoking guns. A dynamic and charismatic image. Brilliant artwork!
over 5 years
lol hey thanks very much Rusty :)
over 5 years
Definitely a dangerous man....
Watch out .... A dynamic and charismatic image.
over 1 year
lol thanks Ernst.......... cheers
12 months
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