Tears Of Loneliness. by Gary Iles

Tears Of Loneliness.

Sometimes it's hard to explain in words what the piece is about, so we let the canvas speak for us :)
Gary, this is so amazing to look at. You have a great imagination for art. Its speaks volumes for some people that are trying to break out of whatever they have constraining them. Great work.
over 5 years ago
Thanks so much Cecil, I did put alot of thought and emotion in to this piece :), thanks again for the great comments.
over 5 years
very interesting work. powerful and moving expression. i love it.
over 5 years
Many thanks Laurence, very much appreciated :)
over 5 years
Gary, I absolutely love this. There is so much emotion here, and I can relate. What a fabulous concept!!!
over 5 years
Many thanks Carol, I thought of the concept first, then the emotions took over and the result speaks for it's self :) thanks again :) Gary
over 5 years
This painting speak a thousand words. Beautiful to look at and makes one think. We all have or will experience a time that loneliness overwhelms you. Great work my PIL friend.
over 5 years
Thank you for the wonderful comments Suzette, very much appreciated :)
over 5 years
beautiful and heartbreaking.
over 5 years
Many thanks Cris :)
over 5 years
well said, so well done,only if all people cud read in to it...
yes im filling same way, is why im upset with the whole tangled up universe in my latest work!
over 4 years
Sold !
over 3 years
I like what you said in your description! That's how often I feel! :)
over 3 years
I love this ...
over 3 years
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Artist Statement
for Gary Iles
Gary IlesI would like to say, how inspired I have been by this site and the outstanding talent of the artists here, and I would like to thank you for your great comments, it really as help me push my art to another level. I am a self taught U.K artist. As well as exhibiting in the U.K, my art as exhibited in Athens, Venice and New York. There are also pieces in private collections in Australia, New Zealand and the U.S and Europe, I work in my little studio in an old coach house pub garden in the Cotswolds. Where I keep busy doing commissions and also my own design T'shirts and prints for my website and stall at the made in Bristol, harbourside market. :)
I gifted this one for a wedding. I love the couple. I knew the young man since he was a young boy. Do you gift your paintings to friends and family ?
Indeed I do! Beautiful blue bird. I give them my website and allow them to choose unless they want something specific. I am sure your friends were thrilled... view answer
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