‎Grosse dame avec des vêtements by Per Corell

‎Grosse dame avec des vêtements

Airbrush on cardboard, 32X42 Cm.
Beautiful, Nancy
over 5 years ago
Thank's, yes I am building a collection of "paper Dolls" that is used in a Lace sample book and also for Street Art. There are a number of figures allready and several I used in both my paintings and over-size out in the public space. I used a lot time develobing my own technikes so I can produce templates of any scale and that is now opening a lot new oppotunities. This is just one of them.
over 5 years
I don't think the lady is showing off a dress in this painting.
over 5 years
Ah, -- I think this is a language issue, as my intention were in the direction that the lady would dress to impress, I did remove the most of her dress except the hair "dress", so to say, becaurse they must carry some dress while naked is not due. Sorry about that but there you see how languages differ in meaning.
over 5 years
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Artist Statement
for Per Corell
Per CorellPer Corell a danish artist who started with Street Art many years ago, play a major role, in the StreetArt of Copenhagen where the freestate Christiania, gave him his own part of their Graffiti fence, seen by thousands each month during the danish summer. A loved site for the local people during the danish winter. The Streetart technikes are unique, often huge Stencils in many layers in over size figures. The same motivs in Stencils 0f 70X100 Cm ideal for a wall. But also a very challancing concept when you must use the specialy develobed Aribrush set, with a hand pump for compressor, to yourself spray paint with the Stancils. Offcaurse the images are also tradisional paintings, if that is what you want.

All Per Corell paintings is...
Can anyone me help on what to do with the reflections on the water this would be great? It is the first time I tryed this.
The mirror idea is great, also you could turn the canvas upside down when painting reflection, much easier that way! the entire area of the wet sand should... view answer
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