Wild Night Ride by katherine marr-mcintosh

Wild Night Ride

I had done a drawing in graphite and wanted to paint it, I started playing with it in blendable colored pencil and played around with her hair...I think it ended up for lack of a better word; unique.
Great fantasy work Kathrine. Welcome to my group.
over 3 years ago
Unique Yes! I like the effect of the coloured pencils. Very good. :)
over 3 years
Nice drawing!
love the expression
over 3 years
It looks a loving and caring sketch. love it - regards susie
over 3 years
Wow! very impressive art work!
over 3 years
wonderful drawing my friend, I love it.
Tony Blacetti
over 3 years
i love to paint horse,hard work for me,stay with it and make you happy like me
over 2 years
Delicate and lovely
over 2 years
i love horses,well done
over 2 years
Lovely rendering Katherine!
over 2 years
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for katherine marr-mcintosh
katherine marr-mcintoshI have been experimenting with Photography and graphic design, which I love, but I find nothing makes me more proud than when I have drawn something and the feeling that comes from creating something with my own 2 hands. I have been drawing and writing since I was old enough to pick up a paper and pencil, and was more and more inspired when people that usually didn't pay much attention to me would tell me how good it was and they wanted to show it to other people. I dreamed of writing and becoming an Artist, I have never been to Art school, I grew up poor. But now in my 40's I did take some online classes for Interior Design which I also enjoy. I was required to take a basic drawing class and perspective, which I already had a pretty good...
I see the obvious clean up ie fingers, neck, skin tone, but frankly this one is kicking my butt. What next? Where to from here? How do I fix this? lol I...
Hi Robin...The little boy is gorgeous so no need to do much more than tidy up as you say, but I think I would make a radical change if you are really stuck and... view answer
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