Prototype challenge hit Marlene's... by Nandy King

Prototype challenge hit Marlene's Blue Angel

Metallic Fabric-paint on Cotton fabric
14 x 18"
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beautiful painting, I love it.
Tony Blacetti
over 1 year ago
thanks Tony, all the best
over 1 year
Great work and pose, love it. 5*****
over 1 year
Hello Peter, love your stars, good old days :O)
over 1 year
love it!!great pose nandy:)well done:)
over 1 year
honestly I took it from the DVD Cover .....the pose from the challenge just reminded me
over 1 year
Love it Nandy!!!
over 1 year
thank you Anita
over 1 year
Great to see your work Nandy she is really cute luvit wotta angel she is. Congratz and thanks for being part of the challenge
over 1 year
I'm honored Col !
over 1 year
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Artist Statement
for Nandy King
Nandy KingSunshine for everyone <3 Just booked myself for the 2014 August New Mexico SPIN Festival in Santa Fe
Gold Member
When you come up against difficult themes or objects to paint, do you go for the challenge and try to conquer it or just leave it be?
what you have done here I've never had the nerve to attempt. I have done a glass and bottle and such and I have done roses but together ...well, you have my... view answer
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