wood burnings Old sailing ships by kerry dolphin

wood burnings Old sailing ships

Love my old sailing ships So if they dont sell theyre going up on my wall. So enjoyed burning them. Once done I cover them in linseed oil, seems to work.They are about 8x5 in size Dont know wether to frame them or leave it.Sold them.
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Awesome!! What beautiful ships! I remember woodburning when I was a kid. You have sure made an art out of it. Excellent and wonderful work. Nancy
over 2 years ago
Thankyou Nancy for your lovely comments.
over 2 years
Great work, once tryed Pyrography and know how difficult it is. Excellent detail, just amazing. 5*****
over 2 years
Thankyou Peter I enjoy doinf something different and also enjoyed going through your site You have some amazing drawings. Well done .
over 2 years
Thanks Kerry.
over 2 years
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kerry dolphinWell here I am in all my glory.just befor going out for a night. I was never very good at art at school and never done anything about it till later on in life, once I started I kept on going Had one lesson and the tutor picked up on a couple of things and really set my mind into the world of art.It also helps having ancestors by the name of Moore who were famous artist in the 1800s.Now I paint for people who want pictures of their choice a few murals around the town and I take alot of photos of things which maybe useful in a picture I do really enjoy painting as to me its a stress free thing,you can wander off anywhere while painting,its good therapy for anyone. Congratulations to all the people out there who have added pictures on PIL...
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I love the blues
It has been many years since I drew my hand. I'm quite happy with the result. Many in the workshop struggled. Do other artists here practice, practice,...
Hands are indeed very difficult to achieve and one needs real practice. When we want to paint figuratives, hands have a prime roll. If we fail in them then the... view answer
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