"Felementales: Fire" by Hubert CANCE

"Felementales: Fire"

Acrylic on Black card
42 x 29.7 cm
Elemental spirit of the Fire. One of a series that is representing the essential spirits of the world as female characters.
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Artist Statement
for Hubert CANCE
"Hubert Cance is an artist with a draftsman's hand and eye. His work ranges from fantasy explorations of the worlds of mysticism and shamanism to highly formalized aviation drawings and mechanical representations. The most recognizable aspect of Cance's art is the way he applies the strict tenets of mechanical design to drawings of machines, warriors, and scenes that exist only in his amazing imagination. Cance is equally at home depicting realistically drawn soldiers and military paraphernalia as soft pine tree landscapes. With a unique mix of Asian style and Gaelic culture Cance creates windows that communicate another way of viewing the world and understanding nature. His "Felementale" drawing series is the artist's interpretation of...
I have always admired artists ability in depicting reflections within their work. Any suggestions on mediums to use and techniques in painting reflections on...
WOW !! This is such an emotonal piece...it's into my favs.... reflections...there are far many talented artist an this site who can advise you more than me,... view answer
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