Tribute to Monet by Holly Martinson

Tribute to Monet

I feel silence when I look at this painting - very beautiful
over 3 years ago
Gorgeous! Monet would be proud!
over 3 years
What delicious colors and composition! LOVE IT!
over 3 years
awesome trib to monet and fantastique worque
over 3 years
and you have done a wonderful job with it too Holly I love Monet's work too sincerely Carol xoxo
over 3 years
Gorgeous, Gorgeous, gorgeous (*_*)
over 3 years
Wonderful tribute!
over 3 years
very beautiful! it's a pleasant vision :) love the turquoise!
over 3 years
Simply beautiful Holly.
over 3 years
the colour mix gorgeous. love it
over 3 years
Thank you Susie :)
over 3 years
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Holly MartinsonI love this site and all the wonderful art which inspires me to keep painting.
Thanks for visiting and taking an interest in my art.
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