Autum in Watercolor, 31x41cm by Chrisann
wow! i am speechless!!!! 150 stars!!!!!
over 5 years ago
What a lovely feeling this one conveys!
over 5 years
Love it!!! It glows - colour is exciting. Great painting and 5 ***** from Mike
over 5 years
I love the colors in this one.Fire or fall. The imagination can take me either way.
over 5 years
I feel as if i am arriving late..but spotted the thumbnail and had to have a closer look because i love to paint with simplicty, and red..this is beautiful..the light breaking through the trees and the haziness of a late afternoon..beryl
over 5 years
look how well this picture has done here on PIL, just keep painting..
over 5 years
For ome reason this one talks to is quiet and welcoming, almost safe.....I love your work, it is all very intuitive. kindly, kx
over 5 years
beautiful work
over 5 years
Beautiful painting - wonderful colors
over 5 years
fantastic dream colors ...i love it
over 5 years
oh this is so beautiful, Chrisann! I love walking through the forests and I would love to take a walk through this one! I love the worm colors you used!
over 5 years
Wow! So vibrant...gorgeous!
over 4 years
How did I miss this one....WOW, the colors are so vibrant and beautiful....the lights and shadows make this one spectacular painting Chrisann!!! 5*****
over 4 years
Absolutely amazing colours and I love your techniques.....superb.
over 3 years
WOW the colour !
over 2 years
you don;t usually see watercolors looking this intense.
it's beautiful.
over 2 years
This is a terrific piece of work. congratulations.
I just love it.
Denise Paquette, Canada Abstract
9 months
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Artist Statement
for Chrisann
Chrisann"Proud to be a PIL Member"
Chrisann has a Passion with Fine Arts, starting at a young age. With an added giggle she says 'I can still remember my first crayon abstract in my Kindergarten class' People still enjoy hearing about her funny childhood memorie (s), related to her art work. The mediums she enjoys using are Transparent Watercolors, Acrylics, and detail Drawings. Chrisann enjoys expressing on canvas, because she says they tell a story.
'Expressing On Canvas' with her Inspiring Brush Strokes, she paints abstracts, still life, portraits, landscapes and scenes. Chrisann has always been attracted to Color. Her palette is loaded with an assortment of colors and her Stero turned up, while she paints in her art studio. She is always...
I struggle with landscape, there is so much to learn. I get lost in detail when I really want to be more abstracted in my approach. Any tips on how I can...
Seeing this work of yours I can't believe you want to change. It is original and beautiful. Full of life and beautiful light. Forests are by far my favorite to... view answer
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