rain in bangalore by biswaal

rain in bangalore

watercolor on paper..


i think i really got lucky while preserving those tiny little whites among those rain soaked trees. that must be taking this painting a few notch above.. what say ?
Biswaal excellent watercolor. Love the mist look in the background. You've taught yourself well.
over 4 years ago
fantabulous worques
over 4 years
Magnificent piece, absolutely beautiful.
over 4 years
Yes, very succesful work,love the colors, cong.
over 4 years
Biswaal this is divine, as all your work is! You have such mastery over everything! I have never seen a rainy painting that made me feel the wetness as much as this beauty does. And yes you do have those delightful spots of lights in the white, it's such a joy to view!
over 4 years
Very nice realistic painting biswaal, beautiful merged colors,great skill with water colors! 100++++++
over 4 years
Biswaal, wow! what such a terrific superb rainy sceene.
It makes me look at it en enjoy your work.
over 3 years
Awesome work my friend ....Youre a master!
over 3 years
Stunning painting Biswaal... I can almost feel the weather in the painting :) I have one question!! Does that road really had mirror kind of reflection or you created it? Beauty and simplicity together and this is a painting I just want to keep glazing for sometime. COngratulations.....
over 3 years
It's a really lovely painting! :)
over 3 years
An exceptional watercolour, Biswaal.
Most impressive work.
A definite Special Favourite for me!
Best regards, Peter
over 2 years
over 2 years
Excellent work..!
over 2 years
This painting is more than a few notches above. Great work.
Regards, Brian
over 2 years
Beautifully done Biswaal, wishing you the very best for the new year my friend.
over 1 year
Nice color forms and composition :)
over 1 year
beautiful watercolor very atmospheric
4 months
Yeah it did make it so much fun to see more. Very true!
4 months
I really like this a lot biswaal. A favorite for me. Best wishes, Debbie
4 months
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Artist Statement
for biswaal
biswaalSelf-taught artist...working for Indian Railways. A passionate painter from childhood, always eager to better myself and my work. Though, watercolor and acrylic are my favorite medium, i also work in oil, charcoal,dry pastel, pencil,paper collage. These days i am into cartooning and caricaturing. .


# Caricature awarded 1st prize in recently held, SONIA-MANMOHAN INTERNATIONAL

# Painting FIRE wins 2nd award in professional category in 23rd all ind art contest.( 2008)SCZCC,NAGPUR

# painting LORD GANESH selected for display at Camlin All India art contest, 2011 at Mumbai

# Holds first solo painting show OFF TRACK at rail club. Nagpur(2007)

When you finish a painting that you have been working on for a long time, do you feel let down and sorry it is done?
Always. You should be very proud of your painting. I have often waited months and sometimes up to a year before the overcritic in me wears down and I can enjoy... view answer
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