Wine cellar series by Osi

Wine cellar series

And again a painting finished - maybe something for the wine tavern
Do you have any idea how I could name this painting?
Canvas on Hardboard
50*40 cm / 19,7*15,75 Inches
I think the templates for this series comes from a Russian artist, unfortunately I do not know the name.
Very comical and so typical of a 'Friar Tuck' monk!!! Lovely detail and it tells a good story!! Chris
over 4 years ago
Fantastic Details, Osi... Love this character with such RICH colors... Fabulous work on the bottles/kegs and background and his rosy round face is Superb.. difficult angle to paint! Excellent work!
over 4 years
Love the facial expression and attitude of the friar/monk and detail in the wine cellar. Suggested title - "Prayers and Tipple"
over 4 years
I would call it " Collecting The Empties " Osi, Fine work again I see.
over 4 years
Super work Osi
over 4 years
Sampling the Merchandise or Tasting the Wares might be a title suggestions! This is such a great painting with so much to look at with all the wonderful kegs in the background with wonderful lighting touches everywhere!!!
over 4 years
Brilliant work Osi. I just love everything about this. He looks like he is tasting the wine. Don't know what condition he will be in when he is finished though. Take care my friend and wonderful work again.
over 4 years
This is great Osi, a very light hearted scene and so well painted with wonderful colours!
over 4 years
Wonderful work Osi. love how you did the stones on the floor.
over 4 years
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Artist Statement
for Osi
OsiHi and Welcome! I,m Osi from Hungary. Thank you for visiting! You will find here some of my handmade Oil Paintings!

The video is just a try... You Like it?
What do you think about this name design? Have you ever done one like this, using these methods? Do you think framed out under glass that this is a suitable...
Laurel thank you for your positive feedback I do appreciate it. I painted the image a few years back as I am still going to Art class I have gained more... view answer
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