The Burn Off - Sold by Lydia Ciconte

The Burn Off - Sold

200cm x 92cm Acrylic on canvas
Fire dances within me. It's all about the passion.
Congrats. Lydia on your sale and this is a beautiful painting.
over 7 years ago
Great job Lydia!
over 7 years
Very vivid color....I can almost feel the heat! Sincerely, Doris
over 7 years
silly allen - you don't have to look for or light fire - it is in you - you are fire!! hi lydia - already commented on this but just stopped by again. love to you you really light up my life!!
over 7 years
A fantastic painting...
over 7 years
Wow! Exciting stuff! Full of action! Love it! :D
over 7 years
another great piece Lydia, I love your work!
over 6 years
Great work, Lydia. Like the contrasts, and how you captured the momentum. From Angela
over 6 years
Great work!
over 6 years
Lydia you have mastered the art of fire!!!!! 5***** :) :)
over 6 years
Love your work you really can manipulate paint, some quite extraordinary stuff here. 5*
over 5 years
So brilliant i am lots for words
over 5 years
your Art is just amazing! love it All!
over 4 years
I really like this and your comment... it's what keeps me going.
over 4 years
Unusual, exciting.
over 3 years
Lydia, Love this painting, also wish I could see it up close. So hot and just what I love. Beautiful. Love, Gail
over 3 years
This reminds me of a field I tried burning off when I had just moved from the city to the country. The volunteer fireman told me I put it out wonderfully and would I like to join their volunteer group...I seemed to have a knack for not only setting fires but putting them out, Laurel
over 1 year
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Lydia CiconteMy paintings are a reflection of the beauty i see, feel and live.

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Any suggestions how to fix the problems? I also need to adjust the green to a darker blue/green on the trees... wondering whether I should just give up and...
This is you and it is the best of both worlds. You are good at inventing patterns and using bright colors. You refer to this as realism but I 'm asking my self... view answer
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