Pickled Banana by John M. B. Balouziyeh

Pickled Banana

Colored pencil. 9.5 in. x15 in. Feb. 1996.
I completed this study under the instruction of James Mercadante, perhaps the best drawing instructor in New Jersey. The composition is inspired by René Magritte, whose surrealistic pieces juxtapose unrelated objects in an unexpected fashion. The shadow in this piece deliberately creates the sense that the pickle-banana is floating.
fun, interesting, beautiful! well done
over 4 years ago
I love the medium and the story behind this composition.
over 4 years
Interesting and fun, love the story. Drawn so well and nice clean finish.
over 4 years
Love the story and the picture
over 4 years
Good story, good image!
over 4 years
Great story, I put salt in Tea, thinking it was Sugar, in a friends Kitchen by mistake, can't live it down. well done John.
over 4 years
hahaha! This is funny, great concept and well executed!!
over 4 years
It's a beautiful work, and illustrates the amusing story well.
over 4 years
Hi, I'm the administrator for the group (deleted), and I'd love you to add this picture to the group.
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im getting sick to my stomach,lol,jk.
great piece (unique)
over 3 years
......wonderful work !!!!! what an imagination...and People thought my work was out there!! lol very cool and very a peeling
over 3 years
It made me laugh...I love the color and the shadow and the whole imaginative concept! Awesome!
over 2 years
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