...me too? by Hilary Weeks

...me too?

Acrylic on canvas 10" x 8"
Couldn't resist this...Painted yesterday and whiskers now added ....I think he is a cheetah cub?


Have added an emotive title to this little cub after putting him in the Group for Endangered animals. Possibly titles can have a greater political impact than the painting itself...what do you think?
Really cute and sweet. Laurel
over 4 years ago
soft and fuzzy beyond description, the mystery in the eyes sings dependence like a child.
over 4 years
Ohhhhhh this is adorable.
over 4 years
So darling, my titles either comes easy and pop into my head or sometimes not, and then I have to put my thinking cap on... I would rather politics stay out of art.. All politicians lie, and there is so much truth in art.
over 4 years
Hi Valerie, thank you very much for your interesting comment about politics and I agree with the lying that goes on in all areas of politics....but I think artists have been unable to resist expressing their views in their art...thinking of Picasso and Goya as a start, and more recently Kathe Kolwitz and one of my reference artists Anselm Keifer!
over 4 years
Love that face. The style is beautiful. So good Hilary.
over 4 years
Very very cute, Hilary. And nice softness achieved. As for your question, yes, definitely.
over 4 years
Mike, Thank you SO much for your comment on this painting so long ago, I'm back to answering them now!
over 4 years
So adorable,beautifully painted !
over 4 years
I agree that a title can add a lot to the impact of a painting Hilary. The vulnerable little face of this angel does just as much on it's own though. Bravo!!!!
over 4 years
Thank you very much for your lovely comment Brigitte
over 4 years
I can't really answer your question about the impact the title would have outside of the PIL world but to me it is the PERFECT title. I can comment on the painting though. It is rich, warm and an creates immediate intimacy and you have successfully mixed the overall warmth with just brilliant local patches blue and slightly green grays. Carry on, it sure is a often times rewarding obsession.
over 4 years
Thank you very much for your comment Rick and good to see you active on PIL again!
and PS...Thank you very much again Rick, have just noticed this in your favourites when I went into your site to see if you had put up anything new....I'm missing a new upload from you to talk about (:(
over 4 years
How cute is this, you certainly know how to pull at the heart strings. Titles do have a great impact but in this case I would say the painting would deliver the impact. Imagine this as a poster for a charity dealing with endangered species. Brilliant work. E.
over 4 years
A delightful, disarming portrait handled with much freedom and assurance! My compliments and very best wishes, David.
over 4 years
Lovely piece Hilary. You can see the innocence in the eyes.
over 4 years
Thank you very much Jude for your comment of so long ago
over 4 years
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Artist Statement
for Hilary Weeks
Hilary WeeksApologies everyone, haven't painted since last exhibition and have become addicted to archery,,,daughter-in-law responsible, wanted me to join her in training for the World Masters games here in Auckland next year...requires about an hour of daily practice so there goes my free time for the moment....just off to the NZ Champs for a week, but hope to be back on PIL later.
Best wishes and a happy New Year to you and yours, Hilary
Does silence help keep you focused when your doing your artwork? Do you get distracted easily with t.v. and other sound when you're working?
Beautiful serene scene, love the atmosphere, colours and composition..!! I prefer listening to music by modern classical composers such as Hans Zimmer, Two... view answer
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