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red road by parfene gina

red road

oil on canvas
65x50 cm.for sale
Beautiful autumn scene! Love the colors.
over 3 years ago
Gorgeous! Looks like the road to my home in the fall!
over 3 years
Lovely autumn colors Parfane,love the background as well, cong.and best regards.
over 3 years
Stunning Parfene. For me, you have captured the beauty found after a brief autumn rain. Love the colors and the mist. Beautiful work.
over 3 years
Great painting! My compliments and very best wishes, Dmitri
over 3 years
an awesome painting.Brilliant colors!
over 3 years
Just stunning!
over 3 years
So beautiful, the light effects and bright colours in your painting are absolutely magnificent!
over 3 years
Wow, excellent work
over 3 years
Stunning and magical autumnal, Parfene! The comments say it all! Happy New Year!
over 3 years
I love this! Have walked down many roads such as this in Muskoka, and it brings me back. Beautiful.
over 3 years
Absolutely amazing work!!
over 3 years
an exquisite painting,or should I say work of art, as that does it more justice, I love the colours, composition and light, it would delight any room. wonderful! I have added you to my list of favourites. x c
over 3 years
Beautiful softness to this work and great colour, stunning!
over 3 years
beautiful colours and atmosphere
over 3 years
A beautiful and captivating magical fantasy.
over 3 years
Very Vibrant! The leaves almost seem to have a glittering effect.
over 3 years
Love all the red and orange. Nice work.
over 2 years
Wonderful athmosphere!
over 2 years
Beautiful painting!
over 1 year
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Rainy Days
Sometimes when you re-visit an old painting does it inspire you to paint another scene of similar content, imagery and colour scheme?
This is so beautifully naive and I love the texture you have created. I have never thought about it in my case. Maybe I should try it, who knows what I could... view answer
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