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Autumn by Marilyn Featon


Acrylic on Canvas, 900 x 500.
Painted in August this year.
interpretation of a photo given to me by a friend.
I painted this over a number of weeks and really like the painting, how the path is illuminated by light and the dark undergrowth of fallen leaves and wondering where the path leads.
I hope you enjoy this painting as much as I do.
Lovely work, Marilyn! You are right...Beautiful light patches....Nicely done.

Warmest regards
over 4 years ago
Very peaceful autumn landscape. Rich colours, Marilyn.
over 4 years
Yes I do enjoy this just as much as you Marilyn, you have taken all the words out of my mouth!
over 4 years
Maz, in the words of Meatloaf ,...
"you took the words right out of my mouth"
.....just lovely, coffee and sandwiches at the top of that hill , me thinks ! all the best, John.
over 4 years
Love the effect with the shadows, really nice forest feel you captured.
over 4 years
I also love that path Marilyn, the curved meandering path with the tall trees is a perfect composition!! well done, lovely art!!
over 4 years
Absolutely beautiful Marilyn. Superb work. Take care.
over 4 years
subtle, nicely done.
over 3 years
Hi Marilyn l too love the pathway and light coming down on it . You paint nature so very well . all the best michelle

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over 3 years
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Marilyn FeatonI live in Chittaway Bay a little town about one hour north of Sydney, we have the best as our village is part of the scenic Central Coast region. We have the Ocean with many beaches and rolling green hills and farmland along with cafe's,shopping malls and tourist attractions , its a great place to stay, we also have easy access to Sydney and Newcastle.
I work as a Financial Planning Practice Manager but have always loved to paint and draw but like many got busy with life and forgot all about my passion for art, then about six years ago after many many years of not drawing or painting my husband bought me a brush, acrylic paints,& one canvas...from then on I have painted whenever my soul says get going, when ideas pop into my mind and I...
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