At the highest hope by Donna-Marie Quick

At the highest hope

Oils on canvas. 30x20 inches.
This is a portrait of a cool swedish band, called at the highest hope. The lead singer is a myspace friend, they aren't signed up to any labels, but they trying :)
sorry bad photo!! couldnt get it to be any better and couldnt turn that date off haha :)
good work.
over 4 years ago
brillant artwork
over 4 years
over 4 years
another incredible painting, you are so talented
over 3 years
aww thanks Steve :)
over 3 years
This is a FANTASTIC painting. You have really captured the look of a band. I do hope they have been signed since 2009!!!
Big Hugs,
over 3 years
sadly Annie they split into different bands :(
over 3 years
great interaction hear between the two and the one sitting love it bighugjames
over 3 years
Thanks James it ws tough to get the composition of the one sitting in the foreground and the two standing, so in glad you think it worked :)
over 3 years
Cool painting Donna, great detail :)
over 2 years
thanks gary :)
over 2 years
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Donna-Marie QuickI'm a struggling portrait artist from essex. I havent been in any fancy galleries and im pretty much self-taught. Still learning with every new commission and I've finally got my website up and running woohoo lol.
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Have you ever overworked something so much that you lost your original inspiration in the piece? I debated just scrapping this as I lost myself in it,,,?
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