Boat by the river by Isaura

Boat by the river

This was made through a photo I shot when passing on foot 70 Km away from home on my pilgrimage to Fátima 5 years ago. It was an enchanting place and I discovered this boat hidden behind some bushes.
oil on canvas, 56x45. Sold
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Wonderful scene full of light and delight!5*
over 8 years ago
To all my friends who made comments in this painting, I thank you very much. Somehow I didn't see your comments. I'm so absorbed with my work for the next exhibition that I hardly have time to come here and be some time with you, but the truth is that you're always in my heart. All my Love, Isaura
over 8 years
Excellent foliage and reflections here, Isaura. The oil technique, is nicely vibrant and almost tactile here.
I like the little curved boat's perspective, too.
over 7 years
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Artist Statement
for Isaura
IsauraI was born in Oporto in 1947, I've always been interested in painting, since my fifteens. It was a passion I never forgot. My way through painting began in 1979, but my first exhibition only happened in 1986.I leave you here some of my most emblematic works and hope you like them.
I'm retired now since 16th of March,2009- I taught English for 35 years to 10,11,12,13... year-old children, but it has been very difficult to teach and to paint at the same time. Now I feel free to do what I most wanted to. And to be here in this site is a great pleasure. My best regards to you all, Isaura
Gold Member
Do you ever just use what's left of paint and let your imagination take over? There are some hidden figures in this painting. Some came through...
Beautiful painting in your superb style, Linda. Love it. A definite Special Favourite for me! It's always a pleasure to view your very fine work at... view answer
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