Blessings by Beverley Harris


oil on acrylic with rhinestones added. This one was painted from a vision I had in 2012 whilst in bed . I just new I had to paint it. after years of not painting this set me back on the road and I haven't stopped since.
Just brilliant Beverly , I love the light eminating from the centre, well done again, J.
10 months ago
Thank you John
kind regards
10 months
This is for our souls______5******+++!!!
10 months
thank you Pittore.
10 months
Beautiful work!!!! I am glad it got you painting was calling your soul...
2 months
Thank you Elizabeth...
2 months
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for Beverley Harris
Beverley HarrisI am a self taught artist and have been painting for 27 years. im still learning . i paint for pleasure Although i do sell and take commissions when requested. I just love to paint !!
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Does anybody understand an abstract? What is really abstract all about? Why are many people uncomfortable with an abstract?
Lovely painting Irene...I think we can understand how abstract art came about historically with Kandinsky. It was felt that colour, tone, texture and form were... view answer
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