Etude 160 by Rudnik

Etude 160

Oil on cardboard, 70x70cm
Very beautiful Rudnik, I love your colours... I was wondering if you paint from live ( plein air ) or from Photo ?
5 months ago
Thank You, Tina. In the open air I little. Usually do with photos.
5 months
OK, thank you. I´ve never done real open air paintings (yet) but I think it must be a wonderful feeling to sit outside in the nature and paint what you see.
5 months
Impressivelly beautiful. Excellent work on water and tree branches. Kindest regards, Isaura
5 months
Thank You
5 months
Beautiful work, lovely reflections
5 months
Thank You
5 months
Oh Wow, I must apologise for forgetting how wonderful your work is. Love this painting! Favourited x
5 months
Awesome! draws me in, wood in the water, there you go...not what you paint it's how you paint.
5 months
Love it, brilliant use of color!!!
15 days
This is wonderful! You captured the colours, reflections and movement beautifully.
13 days
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Ive been there,, really beautiful I prefer the comments, but sometimes I really like something and don't know why, I have been sites where there is just a... view answer
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