Pushover by T.L. Shaver
Love this, powerful, intense with color and movement.
9 days ago
Thanks Patti. This was just a quickie but I think it came out pretty good.
9 days
T.L., this is your usual top quality, a treat to view. It has such dynamic movement and dramatic lighting. I can smell the salt spray.The gorgeous rich colors are perfect.
9 days
Hi Deborah. It's good to see a few old names still haunt this site. Hope your doing well. This was just a quick one, but I was able to get the light right I think.
9 days
TL I was always envious of your "quick ones" and wished I could do those. :-) Well, Ive had a hard time, been paralyzed in wheelchair, lots of time in hospital and not able to paint now. Maybe someday.
Today has been the absolute worst day of my life. My son Gabriel was buried. He was found dead at his home last Thursday.
8 days
Very sorry to hear all that. Not sure how to respond. I'd say things will get better but I'm sure you don't need to hear that right now. My father passed May 23rd, I know it's hard. Can I ask how the wheelchair came about or is that too personal. That "envy" thing has always went both ways I hope you know.
8 days
Thank you TL Im sorry for your loss as well. Everyone loses loved ones, death is the one sure thing coming to all of us. We never are ready for it.
No I dont mind your question, I have a rare incurable disease called necrotic autoimmune myopathy/myositis. All that means is my body is destroying my muscle tissue.
8 days
Wow. That's a tough one. I actually deal with alot of poisonous spiders that have a necrotic bite so I have an idea what you must be going through. Real sorry to hear that. Just hang in there I guess. It's really all we can do.
7 days
TL, everyone has their own burdens to bear, its just a side effect of life. Hope you are working away!
7 days
Brilliant work. I was born with slat water in my blood and this brings me 'home' .. Great work regards Graeme
9 days
Thanks Graeme. I was born with it in my veins too. Which is weird since I never grew up around it. But it was always the thing I wanted to paint and it came naturally.
8 days
WOW!!!! This captures my soul. Great work my friend!
8 days
Thanks Beth. I did send this to you didn't I?
8 days
Full of light. shade, movement and colour. Lovley seascape.Steve
8 days
Thank you Steve. If I get the light right I'm happy.
8 days
Great drama TL
8 days
Thanks again my friend.
8 days
What a stunning seascape!! Full of drama of the every changing wild sea. Bravo Sending gild stars M
5 days
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Who do you think was right, I wanted to add more people or my wife Linda who wanted the deserted beach with the couple walking ?
Artist Statement
for T.L. Shaver
T.L. ShaverWorking almost exclusively in Alkyd paints ( a faster drying oil ) with a few Acrylics occasionally, he has always been attracted to the play of light on the natural landscape. T.L.'s paintings try to simulate the feelings he gets when observing the light and land interaction. Although the majority of his work is based in realism, his technique varies depending on what he thinks will best capture the mood he's looking for. The majority of his work is done alla prima ( in one sitting ). He is an award winning artist best known for his seascapes.

T.L.'s works can be found in numerous private and corporate collections throughout the United States and is represented in Crossroads Art Center in Richmond Virginia.
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Do you always get perfect likeness when doing portraiture and if not do you start all over again or make the most of it as it is?
No I don't always get it right and sometimes I cant even see why. I dont like to leave things unfinished and it might take ages to go back and finish it but i... view answer
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