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A Brother's Love by Marlena B Beal

A Brother's Love

Before we could barely walk our Father took us fishing. Since we lived in East Tennessee there was an abundant supply of water sources--rivers, creeks, lakes, dams, ponds. And we pretty much lived in walking distance to all of those sources of hours of fun and fishing. Our Father loved fishing and never missed an opportunity to sit on a bank for hours catching fish--or waiting for a bite. We loved it. And if Father wasn't available, my brothers and sisters and I would hike the miles to the nearest fishing spot barefoot on hot asphalt roads and stay for hours without a drop of water. It was our adventure.
You must have a brother and love fishing. Is this from your memories? This is very beautiful drawing.
over 2 years ago
A nice figurative drawing of your brother fishing,like the angle of the jetty and girl bent over gazing at the fishes, superb!
over 1 year
i like the lean of the lines contrasting with the watery splotches of foliage then the more solid scribbling of the main characters. nice piece.
over 1 year
Lovely sketch I really love it well done
over 1 year
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Artist Statement
for Marlena B Beal
Marlena B BealMy favorite art medium is pen and ink which allows my cross-hatch style of drawing to express my fullest creative potential in detail. Many of my pen and ink images represent very personal and fond memories close to my heart from my childhood. I grew up on my grandfathers farm in rural east Knox County beneath the skyline of House Mountain and the Great Smoky Mountains. Because my grandfathers farm was a working farm, for many years he fed and housed most of his nine living children, their spouses and children in an old 2-story cinder block farm house. Some of my greatest memories on the farm occurred from the late forties to mid- to late fifties amid the challenging cultural and financial environments. However, all these fond...
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Can anyone tell me if you should or shouldn't use chalk pastels with oil pastels? I used them together on my recent drawing, but not this one. I'm thinking...
Do I mix all mediums? Yes, I am not a pureist, I am an experimentor on many levels, paints, jells, always looking how I can create color blendings and... view answer
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