Woodland Walk by Dawn McGuire

Woodland Walk

This is my first attempt at landscape with acrylic. I have great difficulty with depth and perspective. I am not sure if i should change this in some way especially the horizon point. Any comment on how to improve it, I will be glad to hear. As I have much to learn.
Ok well i feel as if i am in the middle of this wonder of colour, it feels to me like you have the feeling of depth and perspective, is that a statue at the end? Anyway i really like it for the texture and colour, I have much to learn too so I will leave it to our resident experts to critique, I love it xx
over 5 years ago
Oh I'm so pleased that we are all in agreement, i thought it was like a garden sculpture and ties in really well with the rest of the colours etc, you did good huh, really really good xx
over 5 years
Oh shucks !!! thank you Dawn, thats just made my dayxxxxxx
over 5 years
Good work, but I think you get little bit complicate motive for first painting. Your attempt is good!
over 5 years
Dear Dawn.. you have taught me how happy, colorful and shiny trees could be.. thank you.. i love the feeling it gives me..i love it so much.. many stars..
over 5 years
I agree with Paula,great attempt, beautifuly done. wonderful energy. 5*****
Thank you for your lovely comment on "Blossoms"
over 5 years
Very beautiful woodland of glorious colors, Dawn! I think you have the distance of the path..done very well! 5* Sincerely, Doris
over 5 years
Glorious colours,wonderful energy----realy beautiful!!!5******!5++++++!!!
over 5 years
Beautiful work, love the colours, 5***** ;0)
over 5 years
Dawn, Fantastic five star work!!!!!
over 5 years
I think this is a very interesting and beautiful way to paint, I would love to see more like this.
over 5 years
Love it Dawn, very unique 5***** Steve
over 5 years
I am Alice in your "wonderland treewood" Dawn :-)..It is a fairy-tale wood....Beautiful colours..Great job
over 5 years
nice work....i think it is beautiful art just as it is...if you are struggling with depth maybe in this painting think about the light and where it comes from...if it is towards the end path then your foreground (the part closest to the paintings edge) should be darker...and right reverse if it were the other way around...this can be achieved by using less of teh bright colour applications at the darker areas...i love the colour usage BTW...
over 5 years
I love this, you have to stand back from the computer to get the full effect. I'm not an expert, just learning, but to me this is very skillfully done and there's a real feeling of distance.
over 5 years
Thank you Dawn, for the kind comment on Elephant impression...And for the "look" on my site for LandscapeCow!!...:-)
yes....it is a sweety too!!!
Kind regards, Robert
over 5 years
i think it's perfect! sooooo lovely :-)))
over 5 years
I like it. I don't know how comment this picture and what advise. Maybe at begining picture U could deside, what is your goal. If U want simply play with colour and show mood, U do this. if U want made perspective and laws optics....contrast and hot colour make things closer. nuance, cold colours make depth. U could find in google laws optics and perspective- It's very interesting. I like this composition. Wish U good luck!:)))*****
over 5 years
A carnival of colours, this is perfect so don't even think about any changes, not even one.
over 5 years
Nice blend of colours, it's very inviting. I like your work Dawn.
Wiumar from Italy
over 5 years
Thank you for the nice comment on Temptation Dawn
I am pleased!!Thanks again....x
over 5 years
Thank you,Dawn!A wonderful walk you offered us here!Beautiful colours!I love it very much!5****
over 5 years
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