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Beach by Janas


I like this painting. Is it acrylic?
over 1 year ago
quiet burnt in some places...but always very beutiful!!!
over 1 year
Beautiful and original work!

comment for the group all about ladies
over 1 year
Love the pose Janas and the mood is set here......regards..Michael
over 1 year
wonderful colours, shapes and gorgeous summer picture capturing the beach
over 1 year
WOWOWOW!! LOVE this!! So wonderfully bold and bright and fresh and evocative and exciting, Janas!! Hugs
over 1 year
Love the vibrant colour and the design of this beach scene. Warm regards susie
over 1 year
Beautiful painting and the colours are Amazing
11 months
I like the way you have tried those shading types, Janas. And a very bright piece.
10 months
Superb 'Beach' painting, love your style. Janas.
A most definite Special Favourite for me!
Kindest regards, Peter
5 months
Vibrant colours and I love the style. Best regards Susie
4 months
Love the style and content. The colours are lovely.
1 month
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Artist Statement
for Janas
JanasI have lived in Florida all of my life. I began to be interested in art in High School. I would make day-glow posters and sell them around the school.
When I went to college, I didn’t know what career would be best for me, so I took the liberal arts program. Then an art teacher from Paris came to teach figure drawing at the college and I was hooked on art. I still had the dilemma of what career to go into and choose to go to an Art Institute for commercial advertising and photography. This was before the computer age, so the detail required in Commercial advertising was excruciating for me as a fine artist with an impressionistic style. I persevered and worked in the field for ten years while I created paintings and worked the local art...
Some PIL artists say they find landscape difficult, some say still life is hardest for them. I find portraits very difficult and painting a rose impossible....
This is charming Posnansky and what a crying shame that they have to make way for what is called progress. I love these old thatched houses and you have... view answer
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