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My Friend Bernie by Lynda Robinson

My Friend Bernie

Pastel on Canson 'Mi-Teinte' Tex Paper (burgundy) 55cm x 35cm approx.
This gentleman's character is written all over his face...and you captured it beautifully!
8 months ago
That is a lovely comment Madeleine. Thank you so much.
7 months
Such delightful......characterful portraiture.....beautiful to view


8 months
Thank you very much indeed Alan.
7 months
What a beautiful portrait of Bernie a lovely rendering in pastel, and the pastel colours for his facial expression, hair and beard look superb!
8 months
Thank you for those very kind words Angela. I was very happy with the likeness I achieved for this one.
7 months
Wonderful Lynda, He looks like a very interesting person with a few stories to tell I am sure. Lovely to see you back here again. x
7 months
Hello there Nyra and thank you for those kind words. Yes, Bernie is a very interesting person. He is a former musician playing with 'Masters Apprentices' in the 60s. We have been good friends for many years, so that makes a portrait much easier to paint!
7 months
Very nice work. Welcome to group. Laurel

comment for the group Chalk Pastel Only
7 months
Very impressive! The detail and shading in his face are beautifully executed!

Regards, Judy Westell
7 months
Wonderful portrait Linda!!
7 months
Looks quite a character, bet he can tell a story or two Lynda x
7 months
amazing portrait, beautiful!
7 months
Wow, this is magnificently done!!! Love everything about it, the subject and the colors you've chosen to use, just awesome!!! Blessings
7 months
Very beautifully created indeed! My compliments and very best wishes, David.
6 months
Brilliant portrait, Lynda! Love your pastel technique and the burgundy was a great choice
6 months
Oh my goodness. Love this man's character! What a wonderful drawing in pastel. Love the color paper as well. I'll have to look for this paper. I love pastels. You've done such an amazing job. I caught this in the thumbnail gallery and had to click on it to get a better look. Love it.
6 months
I love the capture of this man's character, nicely done.
6 months
This portrait is superb Lynda, such a wonderful medium you have used to achieve an incredible result. I love the expression on his face, he does portray a very colourful character. Warm regards Jillian
6 months
fabulous portrait.
kind regards
5 months
Lynda, this is superb! Now that is a man with character and personality and you have captured it with such energy! Marvelous work! Love your technique!
4 months
A very well done portrait, Lynda, lots of character. Bravo, Netta
3 months
Very nice work, I cant cope with pastels, the dust is too much.
2 months
2 months
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Lynda RobinsonThe artist brings something into the world that didnt exist before, and they do it without destroying anything else. (John Updike)

I live in Victoria, Australia. I am a self taught artist who has enjoyed dabbling and daubing since childhood. If I dont do something arty at least a couple of days a week I get snappy! My work is influenced by a love of the environment and country life. I am attracted to subjects in the first instance by the way light interacts with the surroundings. My subjects are varied ranging from animals, landscapes, figurative, portraiture, life drawing and still life. I find the challenge of painting water particularly enjoyable.

I have tried all mediums and pastel has emerged as my favourite. I enjoy the...
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When one looks at my paintings, one can see I am a detail freak. While I left out many rocks and rearranged them some, I still put a lot in the painting. I...
You captured the rocks and pebbles with colours that are very real, one can see the arrangement as nature placed each single one. Sometimes there is detail... view answer
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