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My boy ,logan age 11 2018 by michelle turner

My boy ,logan age 11 2018

I have had a mixed opinions of my portrait of logan amongs family or friends, most been positive except my son logan who didnt like hes portrait. However Im happy with the portrait


How do you respond when a family member doesnt like your portrait of them if you paint or drawn them?
He is a teen and I am not surprised. He doesn't even know how he looks so great. He might not like himself.. maybe someone is critical of him. You could always draw another one with mouth closed, so he would look more serious. He might like himself in his later years.

To me you made a beautiful portrait. I love the shading on his face and his hair is great!
5 months ago
Hi irena no logan is not a teen he is 11 , hes taken another look at the portrait and said it looks like him about 66 percent however his father's fiance told him that percentage anyway . Thanks for commenting, regards michelle
5 months
I think this is a very good portrait Michelle! very well done my friend!
warmest regards, Christina
5 months
Hi christina , thank you for commenting on my portrait of logan. Take care michelle
5 months
You did a fantastic portrait work, Michelle. Nice shading and expression..a nice looking boy. I can't get a good enough likeness when doing people portraits so I don't often do ones of my family members. Portraits are difficult in my opinion, and you have to be so exact or the client may not be happy with it. I did one of my granddaughter and it's the only one of a family member I've ever done, and they all tell me it looks just like her. I sent a wip to my son and if he didn't think it looked like her or he just didn't like it, I was going to start completely over, but he said not to start over but that he loved it and to keep going with it. It's now hanging in their home. If I practiced more on just drawing portraits I think in time, I could get better at them, but I have other subjects that I enjoy drawing more.
5 months
Hi Mary I must admit portraits dont come easy for me and it takes forever to get finish . Im starting to get back into painting. As I have an invitation to our local art show . However I havent got any work fininshed . So going to put some time into that over the long weekend . Thanks for commenting, all the best , Michelle x
5 months
It is a lovely portrait, Michelle. I think that most people do not like their own portraits. I had a difficult commission some time ago. I had to take each child from several different pictures and put them together in two paintings. All went well ,except the one little girl had crooked teeth, and my clients didn't like that I showed that.. I messed around to change it a bit. Don't think they ever really liked it. Well I had shown the art work to many of my artist friends,, all of them said the same thing, ''Why did they give me a ohoto of the girl with such crooked teeth?'' Amen to that I said,, Now I'm very particular about the photo reference pictures,, and I ask many questions before doing their portraits.. All the best , Cheers Doris
5 months
Hi Doris its not always best to draw or paint everything you see in a photo although I tend to do that . Logan took another look at the portrait of himself and gave me 66 percent. So thats more then half , which is a lot better then what he first said He doesnt like and throw it in the bin . Michelle
5 months
I love tbis portrait of Logan Michelle, its beautiful and so well aligned, expression from eyes and mouth, the teeth in particula! This is fine drawing and its one of my favourites of yours, well done!
5 months
Hi Angela thank you for your very nice comments on logan , your words are very encouraging indeed how a lovely weekend, Michelle x
5 months
Shame Logan doesn't like it very much, he's the one you want want to be pleased with it the most, if it's any consolation I like it x
5 months
Hi Graham logan had another look at the portrait and gave me 66 percent and saids it does look like him abit . So thats alot better then what he said at first glance . Its a risk drawing family members for there not happy if you dont get it absolutely perfect . Thanks for commenting means alot , Michelle x
5 months
It is extremely hurtful. My sister said she just "couldn't make the painting look like Randy in her head" to my painting, Randy and Baxter. She commissioned the work and only paid me the commission fee and said I could paint over it. Her son wanted the painting and said it looked just like his dog, Baxter, and his father. He has it hanging in his home above the bed my sister sleeps in when she goes to visit him. Some people are just so caught up in their idea of how someone looks they can't see that person from any other point of view. I've known Randy my entire life since I was six. I guess I have a good idea of how he looks. I think you've done a great job with your son. He is 11, however. If he is the one who doesn't think it looks like him, that's very understandable. It's an age where kids are still discovering themselves and get very embarrassed easily. I'd say don't take it too personally, but I sobbed when my sister said what she said, and it kept me from doing it art for a while. I'm back at it and nothing is stopping me now.
5 months
Hi Kathryn , thanks for taking the time to comment on my portrait of logan. Logan wasnt the only one said it doesnt look completely like him , he told me others have said it looks like him about 70 percent. Thats awful what your sister said about your portrait and can see how you got upset . So glad your back into your painting . Hugs michelle
1 month
Dear Michelle, This portrait is super, as I have said before I so admire your drawing talent and it is obvious that you are gaining in expertise in this medium. I obviously cannot comment as to whether Logan's picture looks like Logan but I am sure he is proud of his Mum's talent. Regards Anne
4 months
Hi Anne thanks for commenting on my portrait of logan . Well logan hasn't complained about his portrait hanging up in the lounge room. So he must've liked his portrait abit . The nain point is I like the portrait . Sorry I've taken so long to reply back to your comment. Ive had alot going on at home . Take care michelle
1 month
very good portrait, recognized him:)
3 months
Thanks loretta , I have been away from paintingilove but have decided to come back . Looking forward to commenting on your artwork on here again. Love Michelle x
1 month have captured him so beautifully...he has interest in life, he is curious about things...he has intelligence that maybe others cant see just yet...he is remarkable. Such a lovely portrait, you have done the shading, the eyes, the mouth, etc...and the shirt...and tousled hair! Lovely....and you can not take anything personally in answer to your need to let your artistic soul you study your subject! A lovely job in all!
1 month
Hi brenda your comments to my artwork always puts a smile on my face . Michelle
1 month
Love this sketch. I think he is cute and let him know :)I think he is conscious of his own looks... but you did a great job!
1 month
Hi Hsn thanks for taking the time to comment on my portrait of my son logan . Michelle turner
1 month
Think it's hard for family members or friends to see themselves as other see them and thee days we are also so used to 'selfies' on phones so probably have a false impression. Harder still probably for a young boy but you have made a great job of this portrait, Michelle of your son Logan. Perhaps try a three-quarter view with only one ear to give him another viewpoint
1 month
Hi Sue yes you are right its always abit tricky doing family members cause there more critical at how you have drawn them . Logan has had no problem with his portrait hanging up on the lounge room wall . Thanks for commenting. Regards michelle
1 month
Thank them and move on. Great kid!

I have keyboard issues (no key between x and v)

But it matters little to me, if they like it or not.

Art is a road not a destination.
1 month
I love this portrait of Logan Michelle, and you did a wonderful job expressing his gentle nature and youthfulness too!

I happened to see this portrait again and it really is eye-catching, sending my compliments to you.

Your portraits are progressing very well and whether family like them or not, doesn't really matter as they probably are not seeing themselves in the real sense anyway. Disregard their comments as they are just mere sensory expressions anyway out of context to what is real!

An Artist is looking from pure observation and expresses what is seen and felt, so keep up the good work as it is your perception and reality expressed from observation,which is what really matters!
20 days
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michelle turnerHI My name is michelle . Im fom country Victoria Australia . Im 46yrs. Single mum I have a 11 year old boy named logan . Im self taught artist learning through books , other artists and internet . I love to try all mediums but my main experience is in drawing .. I have been on this site for a few years now . I love just browsing at all the wonderful paintings and drawings .. Paintingsilove is the best social art site I have found on the net ..
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Jackie,I also struggled with backgrounds until I realized they are not always essential to the piece I'm doing. This work of yours, for instance, needs nothing... view answer
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