Cherry Blossom Botanic Road, Dublin by Michael Monaghan

Cherry Blossom Botanic Road, Dublin

Acrylic on canvas,20x16ins.,painted as a commission , and a memorable place for a couple....reminds me of quote "Our lives are merely trees of possibilities" . Marc Bolan---1947-1977
Oh so gorgeous, Michael, I love this!!!
1 month ago
Thank you Bevie,...warm regards..M
1 month
Micheal thank you for your kind comments I appreciate them .I love love your painting of The cherry tree the abundance of blossom beautifully painted its magnificent.The sloping green lawn and the steps completes this wonderful painting.Like you we have had many weeks of very hot weather take care .
1 month
Thank you Maureen and the good weather has left us at present......lets hope it comes back!....all the best..Michael
1 month
Beautiful art. I feel like it is almost 3D where I could touch the blooms. Well done <3
1 month
Thank you Deb and have a nice week-end!...
1 month
Hello Michael, Well you have made someone very happy with this stunning commission. I am sure many hours went into it and it is picture perfect. Warmest wishes, Nyra
1 month
Hello Nyra, greetings from Ireland.
Yes those people loved their commission, and i put some work into it,....
I hope you are keeping well, and not feeling too bad, and you are in my thoughts. The heatwave is over now at least for a while and we got top temps of 29---31 degrees. Youknow we are not used to those temps., but i love the heat and hopefully it will come back. Graham was telling me that they also had a long heatwave in England and he enjoyed it...So i wish you all the very best , and take again soon....Michael
1 month
Such a lovely painting you can almost feel the petals dropping to the ground
1 month
Pity they dont last long Jane...but they are nice while in bloom!.....thank you..Michael
1 month
BEAutiful!!!! Wonderful details, the different hues in the pink flowers, the full tree laden with the perfect pink blossoms, the sturdy trunk, keeping the branches in the details, the pathway, steps, green grass...the! Just Fabulous!!!
1 month
Thank you Brenda for the lovely comment, and i hope you are keeping well. We are just over a long heatwave over here,(something we never get), and it was nice while it lasted......take care..Michael
1 month
Beautifully detailed acrylic painting in your superb style,
Michael. Most impressive work and a fine commission!
Best wishes, Peter
1 month
Thank you Peter and hope all is well. The heatwave is back for a day or two again, and we are having a good Summer. I hope you are able to enjoy some of it wishes..Michael
1 month
The amount of work in the representation of this tree is amazing!
We have similar trees here, but they bloom only briefly in the spring.
1 month
Thank you Madeleine and you are right...they dont last long at all in bloom, but they are lovely when they wishes..Michael
1 month
Simply beautiful, Michael, I love the way you handled the blossoms, the texture is wonderful, 3D.
1 month
Hi Nadine thank you for your comment, and true its worth experimenting with mediums......M
1 month
Great work Michael, love the detail on the tree ;0)
1 month
Thank you Paul, regards..M
1 month
I like your joyful painting! Creative days! Guntis
1 month
Thank you Guntis!..
1 month
Very nice, mate. Another great work.
27 days
Thank you Josh, regards..M
27 days
There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a cherry tree in full blossom, and as one gets closer hearing the bees hard at work buzzing from flower to flower. Lovely work on that beautiful tree Michael.

All the best,

26 days
Thank you for your comment Paul, and i hope you are keeping well,...enjoy your painting!....Michael
26 days
Oh what a beautiful reminder of a special place for them! Lovely.
24 days
Thank you Karen, regards..Michael
23 days
Wow, so beautiful Michael! Absolutely wonderful detailed work on these gorgeous Cherry blossoms, very well done!
22 days
Thank you Danielle.
22 days
Love the way you have painted the blossom on the tree. Very lovely. Warm wishes Susie
19 days
Hi Susie you must be getting ready for Summer...Unfort. ours is over, the best one we had in many years!.....thank you for comment...Michael
19 days
Lovely composition, and texture on the blooms.
11 days
Thank you William, regards..Michael
10 days
What an amazing tree and captured so beautifully...I think I can smell the blossoms. Best Wishes. "]
8 days
Thank you very much for your comment Lorri, and warm regards.,..Michael
8 days
Michael this spectacular! I love the color but the way you have gotten texture in those blossoms is really the cherry on top (sorry for the bad pun) for me! Love it!
3 days
Thank you Deborah,..kind regards..Michael
1 day
My absolute favourite trees , the patience to do this magnificent painting , wow !!!!!! This is truly stunning . Faves for me
1 day
I love cherry blossoms too Alan, but they only last about 3 weeks unfort., thank you for your comment and take care....Michael
11 hours
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Michael MonaghanA vivid and expressive Artist Michael Monaghan has been painting since his teenage years,and his work is both widely admired and sought after. "I started life-sketching and then painting in Oils.I have exhibited in many shows and Galleries in Ireland, and had a solo exhibition in New York in the late nineties . I worked as a Police Artist and used my hand drawing skills in conjunction with computer composites for mainly facial work. I am retired now a few years and am still exploring and developing my own Art mainly in Oils and Acrylics. Hope you enjoy looking at my gallery and..."Greetings to all !!"
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