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Love'n Light by Sonja Gartner

Love'n Light

Oil on canvas 36x36, July 2018.

Here is something I've been working on for a few months, it's slow in coming together, but I think I've figured it out now! The bubbles I've gone over 4 times (!), and they're finally starting to look like what I was imagining.... I was debating whether I should add texture to the green part, but part of me doesn't want to, so it maintains that dual nature of flatness as well as 3-D. Methinks it's done...
Eye-catching and most impressive abstract in your superb style, Sonja. Love it.
A most definite Special Favourite for me!
Warmest wishes, Peter
3 months ago
Awww, thanks so much, Peter!
3 months
Fabulous!!!! Love the shapes, the colors, the 3D inter-dimensional look! Energy flowing from the center and flowing along all lines! I LOVE this gorgeous painting....YOU are more than an are a soul creating with your soul energy...bringing thru from topside beautiful images that are eye captivating if you know what i mean....a beautiful creation...YOU are AMAZING!!!! Love it...into my fav it goes! I would leave your painting just as i is!!!!!!
3 months
Thank you so much, Brenda, and yes, I think I'll leave it as is. As far as I'm concerned, paintings (at least for me, but also I believe for all painters) are really like a visual journal/diary of the artist who creates them. After painting over 10 years, I can understand myself better through studying my art. Each piece being another step in the spiritual/personal development, it tells a story of my inner workings...
3 months
Fabulous!! I am so happy for you!!!!!
3 months
I really like this Abstract Sonja, the hazey green which trails into a Spiral and the pink balls too, makes it dazzle and flow!
2 months
Thanks so much, Angela! It is also one of my faves! I find the color combination quite healing, or uplifting...
2 months
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Artist Statement
for Sonja Gartner
Sonja GartnerIn 2007 I gave up my real estate career and took on a part-time job so I could paint. I couldn't imagine life without painting!!
My entire life now revolves around my painting - there are not many days in a year that I don't spend at least part of it painting, or doing some creative thing or other.
Even though I am not a math wiz, I find that I keep coming back to math and geometry all the time in my art. They are the basis for everything around us - think of perspective!
I find that (when the logical half of the brain "gives up" trying to identify what it sees) abstracts can "turn on" the right side of the brain, and interact through shape and color with the viewer's intuitive, emotional self.

"In its best form [abstract]...
Gold Member
What is the most challenging subject for you to draw or paint? For me it is people portraits. I was happy how this one turned out but it's not always that way!
Beautiful, soft and sensitive with such lovely warm colors and so charming to view. The hardest thing for me to paint are roses. I think they will always be... view answer
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