ballymun youth 2018 by alanclancy

ballymun youth 2018

scenes from the old ballymun flats in dublin before they were demolished.
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Artist Statement
for alanclancy
alanclancyhello all
thank you for viewing this page.i have being studying art since childhood and today i am still learning.on this site you will see the work i have done throughout the years.
i first took an intrest in drawng when i enjoyed reading comics such as eagle and 2000ad when i was a kid.with the help and encouragement of good art teachers in school i developed my 2007 i took up further art courses in acrylic painting and oil paintings.i have learnt over the years each keen artist has their own i still enjoy painting and hope you will enjoy looking through my work.thanks for looking.

kind regards
Gold Member
Any books/tutorial you can suggest on how to improve portrait drawing? I am trying to learn as much as I can
Dear Liesel, Although I have commented on your superb portrait previously, since then in an effort to return to painting since my stroke, I am finding much... view answer
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