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Cousteau - Taki ILM by Junita Kondylis

Cousteau - Taki ILM

Oil on Canvas Board, 61 x 76 cm
nice painting in your unique style !
2 months ago
Picture replaced: Made some slight adjustments...
2 months
Lovely shades and tones for this cat with astute expressive eyes, nice explicit contours too!
2 months
Gorgeous cat painting, such lovely eyes, very well done!
2 months
What a beautiful painting, the fur is gorgeous.
2 months
Great job. Beautiful technique with oils. I adore the eyes and movement of fur.
2 months
Gorgeous...I am a cat on!!!
2 months
nice style well done :)
2 months
Junita brilliant love your style of painting colours of the cats fur coat is lovely as is the cats face take care
2 months
I like the abstract nature of this piece. The details are mini abstractions and quite beautiful. The cat is beautifully painted and engaging.
2 months
Hi Junita,
Great painting!
Love it.
2 months
I left a pool comment. This is really good, love your style. I wanted to favourite this one.
2 months
You have captured Cousteau perfectly, he looks alert...and maybe focused on a mouse perhaps? Lovely shakes of greys...and creams...white...such delightful markings!
1 month
Lovely cat portrait, lots of life in the eyes, well done , J.
1 month
Lovely cat painting. The fur has the feel of water in motion. Very nice.
1 month
Lovely way you painted this. Eye catching!*****
1 month
Very expressive! The fur of the cat will very differently painted I like it.
1 month
A very mystical cat
1 month
nice painting
1 month
Great detail Junita
1 month
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How do you compose your compositions? Are the just in front of you, combined images or from your imagination?
Artist Statement
for Junita Kondylis
Junita KondylisJuKon - I started painting in January 2011 and use acrylic or oil on canvas.
This site truly inspires me, esspecially when I browse through all the beautiful paintings.
Thank you to all those who comment and provide constructive critisism.

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Rainy Days
This would be my 4th attempt at getting a bit of art done on this board...the last year or so for me has been a bit tough. How many times do you have a go...
Fabulous, i love the freedom these two have, bringing in their surf or body boards...the waves flowing in, the lovely reflection on the sand...almost mirror... view answer
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