Speaker by Madeleine Prochazka


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Portrait - Oil on Canvas - Speaker at one of my Toastmasters meetings.
Very expressive portrait! Fantastic work, Madeleine.
1 month ago
Thanks, Mary! So glad you approve!
1 month
Hi dear Maddie. Love this gentleman of yours. Very good expression. Hope you are fine. I'm knock out with the hot weather. Will write to you. My big hugs, Isaura
1 month
Thanks, Isaura!
1 month
Nicely painted My friend
1 month
Thank you, Barry. This was commissioned by one of his young(female) admirers! (He is 90 years old!) :-)
1 month
Great expression in this portrait throughout. The eyes speak. Love your wonderful colors.
26 days
Thank you so much, Dian. He is such a dear old gentleman!
26 days
Superb portrait in your fine style, Madeleine.
A most definite Special Favourite for me!
Hope all is well with you.
Warmest wishes Peter
23 days
Thank you so much, Peter, for your comment and for favoriting this one! Best regards to you!
23 days
Lovely portrait, a very sincere face, well done, J.
4 days
Thank you so much, John! Like you, I am basically self-taught and try the best I can!
3 days
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for Madeleine Prochazka
Madeleine ProchazkaAlthough born and raised in France of Armenian parents, I came to the US long ago and have lived in California ever since.

I loved painting from a very young age but got discouraged by an unkind comment from someone I looked upon as an authority figure when I was 14. I then became an English language and literature teacher in France, then a French language and literature teacher in the U.S. I quit to raise two daughters and upon my return to the work force was forced to start a bottom level in business. Having made my way back up to managerial level since then, I have now retired.

I rediscovered painting a few years ago, thanks to a daughter who gave me an easel and canvases as a Christmas present. I haven't stopped painting...
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How do you compose your compositions? Are the just in front of you, combined images or from your imagination?
I love Laurel to see new places and scenes that are shown in your paintings! so different from what I have around me! this is the best thing "meeting" artists... view answer
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