There is a moon out tonight by Cecil Duke

There is a moon out tonight

acrylic on canvas, 12x16 insert
How did I do on the water and rocks. The bird was difficult, because of size and different colors.
Wonderful scene! Very nicely painted, Cecil.
1 month ago
You really chose a very difficult bird to add to your painting , colour as well as shape! Your tree foliage is excellent as is the rocky seashore. Love the turquoise foreground.
Needs a few tweaks here and there, the pebbles are too uniform and the streaks in the sea need to run into each other more easily.
You have given yourself a complex task including high precision and detail and quick easy integrating brush strokes, not easy!
Well done. Did you paint this from a photograph?
Marilyn xx
1 month
Thanks, Marilyn, it was a scene from a photograph. I have never had any formal training, just followed some book instructions.
1 month
I didn't start to paint until I was 70, took classes locally with a Bangladeshi teacher in French! I would love to practice myself with this if you could send me your photo. I understand if you prefer not to! Mxx
1 month
Superb acrylic painting in your fine style, Cecil.
Most impressive work.
A most definite Special Favourite for me!
Best wishes, Peter
1 month
Thanks, Peter. You are so kind. You are one of the best artist I have seen.
1 month
My sincere thanks, Cecil, for your kind encouragement as I try to return to painting. It's always good to view your own superb work.
Best wishes, Peter
1 month
Lovely work,like the depth and textures, J.
1 month
Thanks, John, for your kind words.
1 month
a beautiful piece of artwork Cecil
1 month
Appreciate your comment, Pauline. I tried to convey the beauty of this scene.
1 month
Very nicely done. Good work. Best wishes, Debbie
1 month
Thanks, Debbie, for your positive comments. I had sorter lost interest in my art, thinking it was not very good. You just give me more encouragement to continue.
1 month
Very nicely painted Cecil
1 month
Thanks, Barry, for your kind words.
1 month
The rocks and the sea with the bird flying over looks tranquil and the tree captures the beauty of the full moon shining bright!

Lovely work Cecil!
22 days
Thanks, Angela, for your kind words.
21 days
Very lovely scene, calm and beautiful!
12 days
Thanks, evajune, for your comments.
12 days
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for Cecil Duke
Cecil DukeBio,update. Started in Acrylic art about 5 years ago. I had previously tried oil and watercolor, 12 years prior. Found acrylic more enjoyable and simpler. I appreciate everyone's help. I am self taught and just use my own experience as my teacher.
Gold Member
This is one of my first still life painting not for sale, there is a kind of strong attachment to it. Do You share the same feeling with some of Your works?
There are definitely a few pieces that have never been (and likely never will be!) for sale, because the way they affect me.... in your piece here, I'd say... view answer
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