For the love of a Leopard. by alan webb

For the love of a Leopard.

12 x 15 watercolour

350 gsm gummed board
Another lovely big cat. Thx for doing it!
22 days ago
I love her Alan when she looks so relaxed and so far away from me....
lovely composition, warm regards, Christina
22 days
Lovely realistic work. Leopards are quite difficult to paint, but you did a great job.
21 days
WOW! Your watercolor portrait of this Leopard is really gorgeously done,dear Alan,all my respect..the details are awesome,LOVE IT!Best wishes,Ankica
21 days
The eyes have it Alan, wonderful closeup.
21 days
Alan, just do not know how you do it...but it is absolutely marvellous !!!
21 days
Wonderful colour and beautiful detail of leopard. The eyes are really forcused accross the land from the tree branch.
18 days
I just love this one, Alana, such fine detail on those spots!
18 days
Thank you Sue......such delightful comments.

17 days
He is gorgeous to look at!
17 days
Outstanding work Alan, great looking leopard !
17 days
Very beautiful!!!
16 days
and why not, they are such beautiful have captured this one perfectly as it lay in the fork of a tree...great color
16 days
No words for this leopard I can notice you have done this artwork with so much love. Always my best wishes, Isaura
15 days
lovely image very striking contrasts :)
15 days
Beautiful, wonderful details and clarity well done indeed
11 days
Beautiful...YOUR leopard! Love the eyes, the markngs, the ears, the direction of his face as he looks upon his world! Beautiful!!! in every way!
9 days
I love your gorgeous cats Alan. They are very special!! warm regards Jillian
8 days
very impressive :)
6 days
This is a wonderful and expressive work, with a great design element. Love those blue eyes.
4 days
Thanks Dian......very much appreciated.

3 days
What a fabulous image Alan, laying on his branch playing it cool but defy waiting and watching for dinner.

Really like the cool colors, the intensity of his stare, though not sure I would want to be under that gaze, LOL,
well done, J.
1 day
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Artist Statement
for alan webb
alan webbI retired from professional life a few years ago. To overcome the wind down I came back to my great love of Watercolour painting especially wild animals, birds, domestic pets and portraiture. All my work is pure pleasure as I seek to portray what I see in true form. I also strive to achieve fine detail in all my work.

I have been staggered by the great comments I have received and thank everyone for their praise. However there are many great artists among you who should be praised for their great perceptions.

If anyone has a particular true life image they would like me to try and capture please don't hesitate in contacting me on e-mail at
Gold Member
As I am not totally happy with this commission I am currently creating a face only painting for this person as an alternative. Would you do the same ?
Dear Alan it's always a challenge to make commisions, but I think you have nothing to be afraid of as it's a glorious painting. When I started writing this... view answer
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