Ghost Ship by John McQue

Ghost Ship

A3 Glossy card (300g).
florescent paints used for the colours, then black sprayed on top, ship scraped out with a palette knife to reveal under colours.
Photo taken under UV lights to enhance the paint colours.
Excellent and looks like a mystery sailing ship. Love the blues. Regards Susie
21 days ago
Thank you, Susie, appreciated, J.
21 days
John thank you for your lovely comments should I wait till spring a daffodil sounds a great idea .John your painting is beautiful the ship seems to be gliding through the blue heavens on a ghostly voyage.Your style of painting is fantastic as are your artistic ideas take care a Favourite for me
21 days
Many thanks, Maureen, you are so supportive, all the best, J.
13 days
Excellent, really looks like a ghost ship..!!
13 days
Many thanks Junita, appreciated, J.
8 days
Fantastic work, John! It does have a ghostly feel to it. I love the colors. Well done.
13 days
Thank you Mary, J.
8 days
I like this blue hued ghostly spectre. Very haunting and atmospheric.
13 days
Many thanks Alison, regards, J.
8 days
Very, very nicely done. Great work! Best wishes, Debbie
12 days
Thank you Debbie, appreciated, J.
8 days
It is gorgeous! I could sit for hours just to look at the colours. Thx for sharing:-)
12 days
Thank you, Martin, pleased you enjoyed it, J.
8 days
Paul I love the whole painting. Great colours and composition. Definitely a favourite for me 😊😊
12 days
Thank you Joy, appreciated, all the best, J.
Also for the fav,
8 days
What an awesome process. Love it.
11 days
Big thank you Patti, all the best, J.
8 days
Beautiful!! Eerie and wonderful!
11 days
Thank you Angela, appreciated, j.
8 days
Wow, John, I love this, and effect is incredible. The ship is great, beautiful shapes in the sail and the hull, (if that is the right word). It is indeed ghostly, sound like you are having fun.
11 days
Thank you so much Nadine , great comments, J.
8 days
Very atmospheric.
11 days
Many thank, George, I.

Hope your keeping ok .
8 days
just beautiful...
11 days
Thank you Pauline, J.
8 days
You have captured the ship so well...such gorgeous ethereal colors and i love the details....the moon...just gorgeous!!! I love your blue colors, the shapes and the subtle hues....just fabulous!
9 days
Thanks Brenda, always appreciate you dropping by, regards, J.
8 days
Love this John. Very creative .very beautiful .stunning work.
Kind regards
8 days
Thank you Beverly, appreciated, J.
8 days
Shiver me timbers, John, What an image!! The shimmering fluorescent sea under the full blue moon - just so exciting! Definitely a fave!
7 days
Har me hearties, thank you Sue.
Also for the Fav, regards, J.
6 days
you really know how to use blue and treating us with this beauty!

kind regards Ellen
6 days
Thank you Ellen, so nice of you to say so, regards, J.
6 days
I love this. I'm a sailboat freak, although I get seasick too easily to actually sail on one. This is gorgeous.
5 days
Thank you,Kathryn, sorry to here about your sea legs, LOL.
Really pleased you like the picky, regards, J.
4 days
1 day
Thank you, Leonard, appreciated regards, J.
1 day
Blue... first of all I love ur choice. It's expressive :)
15 hours
This painting reminds me of "The Rime of thr Ancient Mariner" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Excellent rendering and execution. - J Patrick
4 hours
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Artist Statement
for John McQue
Hi,I have been painting since 2008
(self taught)my main interest has been with oils/acrylics,but recently been playing with spray art.
Recommended to this site by a good friend Raymond Poore, a very accomplished artist.

I would like to thank everyone on this site
for all the support given.
Gold Member
As I am not totally happy with this commission I am currently creating a face only painting for this person as an alternative. Would you do the same ?
Dear Alan it's always a challenge to make commisions, but I think you have nothing to be afraid of as it's a glorious painting. When I started writing this... view answer
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